40 Heartwarming Stories Of Old Cats Adopted By The Kindest People

40 Heartwarming Stories Of Old Cats Adopted By The Kindest People

  • By Sara
  • June 25, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

All animals deserve love.

Usually, when we’re in search of a pet, we look for purebred baby animals. There are so many things wrong in that. First, adopt, don’t shop. Second, their breed really shouldn’t matter. Third, animals of all ages deserve a home.

We have been hearing for generations that it is easier to keep a kitten instead of an old cat because older cats don’t adjust easily. Let me tell you, that is all bullcrap. Aged felines are some of the sweetest creatures on the planet. They have a very good temper and easily adjust to new environments. They love cuddles and honestly, it doesn’t matter how old they are. They are just big babies that love being spoiled.

So, if you’re thinking to adopt, go for an old cat. They usually spend most of their lives in shelters. They deserve your love and a home. Scroll down below to see the cutest old cats adopted by kind people:

1. This cat adopted this 102-year-old woman

Barbara T. Bates

You can just see the love and devotion between the two of them. -ScottCameron

2. A Friend Of Mine Just Adopted This 6-Year-Old Cat, And This Is How She Waits For Her Food


3. Fulfilled A Life Goal Of Mine Today And Adopted The Oldest Cat At The Local Shelter


4. Adopted At 10 Years Old, Meet Lil’ T


Gorgeous old gal! -HeideMueller-Hatton

5. I Adopted A 14-Year-Old Cat Named Venture


My last cat lived 20 years. I wish you at least 6 years of happiness with Venture. :0) -MaryseMeunier

6. I Adopted My 9 Year Old From The Shelter Last Year. She Hasn’t Left My Side Since


What a sweet love she is! -CelesteMurray

7. Zeta Is About 15 Years Old Now And I Adopted Her 5 Years Ago From The Vet Clinic I Worked At


She looks so loved and healthy ^_^ -AnnieMcG

8. My So And I Adopted A 10+ Year Old Cat Who Used To Live In The Park


Your kindness will be repaid -JenniferSackett

9. I Adopted A 4-Year-Old Cat. She Hated All The Toys Except One


4 years is not old for a cat I think -NoémiFenyvesi –

10. Adopted An 8-Year-Old Cat From Local Rescue, This Is 10 Minutes After We Got Home


She looks so grateful :’) -VarshaSarkar

11. I Adopted This Beautiful 13 Year Old Cat. Her Name Is Q-tip For Now But We Are Trying To Think Of A New Name


Q-Tip is nice! -cest_nayce

12. This White Cat In The Middle Was About 19 Years Old. He Was Adopted By An Older Woman


They all look like Grumpy Cat – cest_nayce

13. I Just Adopted This 9 Year Old Girl From The Shelter. Her Name Is Pumpkin


There is something very ‘Goldie Hawn’ about her! <3 -pulpandpixel

14. I Recently Adopted My Parents 15-Year-Old Cat


so handsome – reminds me of Poirot 🙂 -PetraJensen

15. Just Adopted My First Cat. He Is 11 Years Old


oh hes such a chubba… so freaking cute 😀 -SharaGuinesso

16. We Adopted A 7-Year-Old Cat. Meet Ethan


Blue Claws FTW! -SameerBankar

17. Adopted This 7 Year Old Cat This Morning


What a beauty! -DanielaVanHetBolscher-Plattel

18. We Adopted An 8-Year-Old Cat From The Shelter Because He Stole Our Hearts With His Cuddles


Poor fellow, he has some skin issue… 🙁 -BébertL’ours

19. Meet Floyd. This 6 Year Old Looker Was At The Shelter For Months


Waiting for you! -DonnaVarga

20. I Adopted An 11-Year-Old Cat Yesterday


my cat lived until she was 21.. I had her from a kitten the runt of the litter..so all you lovely people should have a long time with your cats xx -DebbiRead

Look at these adorable furballs! Who can possibly say no to these faces? Adopting a cat will definitely make you a happier person and improve your quality of life. The bigger the cat, the more joy it will bring in to your life.

Imagine spending more than half of your life in a shelter just because you’re older than the other cats. You watch all your younger friends get adopted but everyone just ignores you. You’re still waiting for your forever home. Makes you sad just to think of it, doesn’t it?

21. I Adopted A 7-Year-Old 27 Pound Cat Today, His Name Is Atticus But My Boyfriend Calls Him Fatticus


haha the look on his face says he doesn’t really approve being called fat:D -IreneRussak

22. My New Roomie 18-Year-Old Mr Salem Schmusel

Next to Mr bigglesworth the best cat Name I heard yet -KyosukevonMkalvania

23. My Sister Adopted A 6-Year-Old Cat Today. Meet Barnaby


24. He May Not Be The Cutest Cat But We Adopted A 5-Year-Old Tomcat And He Loves Having A Forever Home


he is perfectly cute <3 -SharaGuinesso

25. I Adopted Bubbles, He’s 7, With No Tail And Just 3 Legs… And We Love Him To Bits 🙂

26. Timmy Adopted At 15 Now 18

27. Miss Smiley Was Adopted By Will (pictured) And I Last Fall, At The Age Of 20!

So pretty -JessicaHunt

28. 8 Year Old Cat I Adopted Today. She Won’t Leave My Side


What a beautiful kitty 🙂 -MaritaSchaubert

29. Adopted This 10 Year Old Lady From The Shelter Today


Looks like a calico American shorthair tabby. -MonicaAlderson

30. 1 Week Ago I Adopted An 11-Year-Old Cat From A Rescue Center


What a beautiful kitty — hope you have many, many more years with your new cat! -MichelleGoldsmith

31. I Adopted An Older Cat Today – This Is Lenka, The First Pet That Is My Own


Lenka looks very happy to be your pet 🙂 -AngieMcWilliam

32. Adopted 9-Year-Old Monty As A Younger Play Mate For My 14-Year-Old Rescue Kitty.

I hope he can relax and make himself at home… -JenniferAguilar

33. I Finally Adopted My First Cat. She’s 5 Years Old But Still Looks Like A Kitten


34. We Took A 13 Year Old Siamese Cat


… and she has taken over your lives? -MPaulaWhelan

35. Meet Cuddles, The 13 Year Old Cat My Boyfriend And I Adopted. Best $5 We Ever Spent!

36. We Went To Adopt An Older Rescue Cat, So We Have Two New Additions To The Family


37. This Is Bailey, My Recently Adopted 14-Year-Old Cat


Beautiful eyes!! -MaritaSchaubert

38. Angus Is 12 Years Old And Daffodil 2 Years Old, Adopted As Strangers And Now In Love.

39. I Just Adopted A 5 Year Old Kitty From The Humane Society. Meet Bitsy


puurrrettyyyyyyyy -cest_nayce

40. Meet My New Adopted Cat Jerry. He Is 7 Years Old


What do you think about these chonky and adorable old cats? Would you want to adopt one too? If you already have one, share their shenanigans with us in the comments below!

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