20+ Hard Working Dogs Who Could Become “Employee of The Month”

  • By Saif
  • April 21, 2021
  • 6 minutes read

What if we tell you that dogs could perform human tasks even better than human themselves?

Back in ancient times, dogs were used by the people to assist them in hunting but times have changed drastically and it’s incredible to see what dogs can do today! It’s surprising to see how much our puppers have evolved in every category! From medical assistance to finding truffles or catching criminals, dogs have excelled in every category! It’s amazing how these little puppers just keep on surprising us from time to time.

Detection dogs are common now if you look around in the airports or other public areas as their ability to sniff things out can help them catch drugs, weapons and explosives even! According to recent research, researchers have been using dogs to detect health diseases as well which includes lung cancer. Studies suggest that dogs might also be able to play a role in detecting Covid-19! Is there anything these dogs can’t do!?

Anyways, today we have brought some of the most interesting stories of our adorable puppers which were shared by their owners depicting how resourceful and intelligent our fluffy companions are! So, without any further ado, let’s go ahead and check out the posts;

1. Even the COOKIE DOG is doing its job!

via © JaderBug12 / reddit

2. “My 12-year-old Jade is getting all her ducks in a row.”

via © JaderBug12 / reddit

3. “Chip earned the ‘cone of shame’ because he kept putting his head in the fence and getting stuck there. Pepper helped maneuver him, so I could capture his shame.”

via © JaderBug12 / reddit

4. “This is River. I have autism, and he’s training hard to become my service dog. Next year, we will attend college together.”

via © madbacon26 / reddit

5. He works as a water rescue dog. He’s only one year old!

via © spooky-shadow / reddit

6. “This is Ruby. She came to our university to cheer us up.”

via © BenDover04me / reddit

7. This is Tucker. He saves his vineyard at least $10,000 per year by keeping the deer away.

via © vowels-spacetime / reddit

8. I think we have the perfect photo for our Christmas card.

via © JaderBug12 / reddit

9. “This is Enzo. He works in my dentist’s waiting room. I get excited to come here just to pet this good boy.”

via © astralbuzz / reddit

10. This is Watson. He has been working at the zoo for 6 years, and he helps comfort children who accidentally get hurt.

via © thekidsarentok / reddit

11. This service dog got a present from IKEA.

via © CalmingDog / reddit

12. “This is Dakota. She alerts me if my blood sugar is starting to rise.”

via © computerperson0614 / reddit

13. Guess who’s the best ATM guard in the world?

via © despacitoya / reddit

It’s been a while now since dogs have started to sniff out a wide variety of health diseases which includes Parkinson’s, cancer and diabetes! Did you know dog’s noses have about 300 million scent receptors while humans only have about 5 million? Yeah, let that sink in. Let’s continue to scroll and read the remaining stories.

14. The moment you realize that you’re no longer lost in the woods because a search and rescue dog found you:

via © Wiggletails / reddit

15. “I bought a new bed for my service dog with our first paycheck after we got for our first job together! She’s the hardest worker in the whole office!”

via © bunnyfloofington / reddit

16. “My mom has Parkinson’s disease. Our pitbull always rests his head on whatever part of her body has tremors the worst. Nobody taught him to do that. Last night, he put his chin on her feet and was lying like this until she fell asleep.”

via © MissVictoriaE / reddit

17. “This is Bonzo, a former sled dog. He has run more than 10,000 miles. This is him on his last sled run a year ago.”

via © 3EyedOwl / reddit

18. This is a retirement party for explosive detection dogs. The 2 dogs in the middle are retiring, and the dogs on the sides will replace them.

via © ReluctantMuse / reddit

19. This is Georgia. She helps people with PTSD. Right now, she’s getting ready to give birth to some beautiful future service dogs.

via © dshark789 / reddit

20. “My dog comes to work every day. Officially, his title is “Chief Morale Officer. But mostly, he is a ‘Professional Napper’ in his bed under my desk.”

via © mydogisincharge / reddit

21. This girl is taking a break from a long day of leading a team of 10 dogs (and humans) in a sled ride.

via © ellendetoffee / reddit

22. This is Elvis. He has a very rare job — he detects polar bear pregnancy by smell. Elvis can detect pregnancy in polar bear poop with up to 97% accuracy.

via © CatPooedInMyShoe / reddit

23. This retired good boy, Harley, just wants to go back to work.

via © caradee / reddit

24. “This is Bill. Yesterday he had his first day of training to become my medical alert dog. He’s going to be the first dog to help people with my illness in Australia. He is wearing an assistance dog coat. This is our first time visiting a shopping center together.”

via © lauraraurala / reddit

25. The average size for an Oregon black truffle is between 1 and 2 ounces. Today, Rhu found a perfect 7.0 ounce truffle!

via © I_wear_foxgloves / reddit

26. “This is Benny. He was a therapy dog at our middle school. He has retired because of his health. I decided that the whole world should know about this wonderful dog.”

via © pancakesfordintonite / reddit

27. “I was laughing, and my dog thought I desperately needed my emergency inhaler, so he brought it to me.”

via © ohnorosa / reddit

Well, the post comes to an end and we hope that you enjoyed reading these interesting stories regarding our incredibly smart and intelligent pups! Let us know what other tasks do you think these puppers can perform? Feel free to use the comments section below.

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