50 Funny Examples Of Cat Beds And Cat Logic

50 Funny Examples Of Cat Beds And Cat Logic

  • By Saif
  • April 12, 2021
  • 8 minutes read

Are you planning to get your cat a comfy bed? Reconsider!

We love our furry little companions more than anything and we’d want to give them the most luxurious life even if we are broke AF! Our cats are always our first priority whenever it comes to comfort or food. We would love to see them sleeping into the comfiest places or even buy them a super comfy bed BUT that just ends up going to waste, every time. Why? Because these little weirdos love to nap in the weirdest places ever and we still have not been able to figure out why!

Given the fact that our felines love to sleep during most of the day, the best luxury that you can provide them is a comfortable place to sleep in but their logics of sleeping into the weirdest positions and places never fail to amuse us AND surprise us. That is something we can never completely understand but well, in the end, everything comes down to personal preferences, doesn’t it? Today, we have gathered up some hilarious pictures of cats sleeping into the weirdest places one could ever imagine and it’s truly a treat to watch. Scroll down & get ready to be amused;

1. Bella Started Sleeping On Clothes On Top Of The Rabbit Cage. Bought Her A New Cat Bed Specifically For That Purpose Like A Nice Human. She Used It Once


2. Yep, you can never impress a cat with money!


3. Finally. Ginger Uses The Cat Tree I Bought Her


4. Why Lie Down On The Cat Bed When You Can Use The Fruit Basket Instead?


5. Has An $80 Cat Bed, And Yet She’s Been Sleeping In This Bag For 2 Days Now And Won’t Get Out


Being anxious about their sleeping habits and patterns, we decided to talk to Mikel Delgado, who happens to be a postdoctoral fellow in animal behavior at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. According to Mikel, cats tend to “work hard, sleep hard.

Further, he added, “Cats tend to sleep for short periods throughout the day and night, unlike humans, who tend to sleep in one long (hopefully!) bout.” In total, felines sleep 12 to 16 hours a day, and all that sleep helps them to “conserve energy for when they need it most—to hunt.”

6. “You tried to trick me hooman? HAH! Back at you!”


7. Al Chooses To Hang Out In The Trash Instead Of His Bed


8. Presenting you the comfiest bed ever.

9. This Was In The Way Of Padma’s Usual Napping Spot, She Made The Most Logical Decision


10. She Dragged This Cardboard Onto Her Bed Instead Of Just Laying On The Bed


Mikel also explained that most cats sleep a lot during the day since their humans aren’t at home and their environment isn’t active enough to keep them stimulated. “Providing your cat with a window perch, food puzzles, enrichment like cat grass, and safe solo play toys can help keep them more active when you are gone.”

It turns out, cats may be sleeping in all these weird places due to the fact that they fall asleep much more easily than we do. Plus, “they are also more flexible so they can fit into spaces that do not look comfortable to us.”

11. “I’ve told you Williams, I’m not going to sleep in that bed. Stop annoying me.”


12. My Mom Made A Fancy Bed For Her Cat Out Of An Old Suitcase


13. Bought New Bed For The Cats


14. Two Cat Beds, One Human Bed, One Human Couch, And An Endless Amount Of Pillows And Blankets And He Chooses The Heater


15. There Are Three Cat Beds In The Room. No Need To Share


Mikel explained that some of those spaces may “provide cats with a sense of safety, or the ability to see what is going on in their environment.” Because even though we focus on cats as predators, they are also prey animals, so they need to be aware of what’s going on around them.

16. We Put Our Cat’s Bed Inside Of A Box So She Would Use It


17. Just enjoying the summers.


18. Just Bought A New Cat Bed. That’s Not How You Use It, Sweetie


19. Ruby Loves Her New Bed


20. I Just Spent $70 On A Cat Bed And Woke Up To Find This


21. My Little Ones Have A Soft Cushy $30 Pet Bed Yet Prefer To Nap In Their Dad’s Slippers


22. Cat Logic Is Difficult To Understand, They Said!


23. Well, at least he’s using it! No?


24. Best $300 I Ever Spent


25. “Hooman, I’m not interested in that couch.”

26. He Has Access To About Seven Cat Beds But He Prefers Hanging On The Back Of A Chair. Why


27. Bought Him A Nice Cat Bed- Refuses To Use It Without The Box Inside It


28. Sent My Mom A Cute Cat Bed For Her Two Cats. She Sent Me Back This Picture


29. Got Emmylou A Cat Bed


30. How To Get Your Cat To Use A Pet Bed


31. Got Them A Bed And 10 Different Blankets, They Won’t Sleep Anywhere Else Than On My Laptop Bag


32. My Girlfriend Brought A Pot To Bed Because She Felt Ill. The Next Morning We Woke Up To This


33. Bought Our Kitten (Mac) A New £40 Bed And Walked In To Find Him Asleep Like This


34. A shoe box, of course!


35. Cat’s logic!


36. Five Beds And Ten Chairs In The House. He Sits On The Eggs


37. My BF Spent 3 Months On An Outdoor Heated Cat House For My Guy. Hasn’t Stepped Into It


38. My Cat Has Never Quite Figured Out How His Bed Is Supposed To Work


39. My Cat Has Been Sleeping On My Pants On The Bottom Shelf Of Our Closet Lately, So I Asked My Wife To Move The Pants And Put A Cat Bed In There. Cat’s Response


40. 4 Beds For 3 Cats And They Do This


41. Spent 10 Minutes Looking For My Cat Before I Went To Bed, Found Him Asleep In A Wok On Top Of The Freezer


42. I Planted Oat Grass For The Cat To Snack On, She Decided It Makes A Good Bed


43. I Think I Wasted Money On The Cat Tree


44. I Think Someone’s Got The Wrong Bed


45. My Cat Has 3 Beds


46. Get Him A Bed They Said


47. We Got Him A Bed, But Then A Paper Towel Fell On The Floor, So Nevermind


48. My Cat’s Kittens Have Found A New Cozy Bed… In A Cup Holder


49. “Could you get your cat out of my bed, please?”


50. Cat Was Tired And Jumped Into My Daughter Doll House And Actually Used The Bed


Well, we bet you tried your best to comprehend their logic behind sleeping in those places but failed anyway, right? That’s alright, they will always remain a mystery to us. Let us know about the weirdest place your cat has ever slept in? Feel free to write down in the comments section below.

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