40 Funniest Photos Of Cats That Fell Asleep In The Weirdest Places

  • By Hashir
  • June 17, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Taking enough sleep can help us function better. It relaxes our mind and prepares it for bigger and much complex tasks. It’s good for a normal adult human to take a 7 to 9 hour sleep. As for kids, they need more hours of sleep than adults. They should sleep for a good 12 hours at least. Just like us, our beloved pets also need a good night sleep for proper functioning. Dogs sleep up to 14 hours and cats sleep for a good 16 hours. We have often found our four-legged felines napping through the day in bits and pieces. This is not because they’re lazy as some of them have actual jobs. Rather, it’s just to reboot themselves so they can get up and move again.

It is not unusual for cat owners to stumble on a box and find their cats sleeping inside. Or, turning on a lamp and discovering the cat sleeping in its lampshade. To be honest, it is quite amusing to find your cat sleeping in an unusual place with a weird posture. We surfed the internet and gathered 40 photos of cats who slept in bizarre settings that will totally crack you up.

Scroll down and take a look.

He’s dreaming about skydiving.

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

Looks pretty cosy.

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

I think we know where all the catnip went…

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

“There’s a kitty in my crib!”

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

We all wonder why cats sleep the way they do. I mean, how can one sleep all curled up in a circle? To answer that, we might wanna go back in time a little bit. You see, way before cats were domesticated they were out in the wild. They used to hunt for food, stalk their prey and live in wild settings. They had to survive all sorts of weather conditions and had to live in constant fear of being attacked by other wild animals. When cats curl up for sleep, they are actually protecting their delicate organs in case they’re attacked while sleeping.

This kitty had a little too much to drink…

credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

This is a pretty troublesome position to sleep in. *Looks away awkwardly*

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

Looks like someone put him there to dry.

Credits: Maria Gatteira

Napping frequently is in cat’s genes. Cats are most active from the sunset to the sunrise. They take power naps that help them regain their energy during the day time so that they can be fully active and alert during the night and look for prey to hunt. Now, that the cats are domesticated and live with humans, they do not have to hunt for food anymore. But they still nap and reenergize because they’re genes tell them to. They are programmed that way. There is always room for uncertainty and they might have to hunt for food, so the cats come prepared.

Seems like they broke in and collapsed.

credits: Maria Gatteira

This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

credits: indigoscipio

No kid, you’re supposed to keep running after you escape the cage!

Credits: itycoon87

Well, at least we know the product works.

Credits: Maria Gatteira

A nice cup of kitTEA.

Seems like this one fell out and fell asleep.

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

“Hooman, that’s how we do the sleeping cat pose.” *Zzzz*

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

That cat basket looks like it threw up a kitty.

credits: Maria Gatteira

Must be in history class…

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

Cats have similar sleep stages as humans. Although they fall asleep a lot quicker, they do experience the REM sleep. REM stands for rapid eye movement. In this type of sleep, one’s eyeballs are moving while they’re fast asleep. In this phase, our muscle tone is low and we tend to dream more vividly. Cats also experience REM sleep and they dream as well. You can tell a cat’s in REM when its paws, whiskers and tail are twitching during sleep.

That’s a potted kitty!

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

This guy is sleeping in his liquid state.

credits: reddit.com

Sleepy kitty.


Credits: Maria Gatteira

“Just resting my eyes for a second.”

Credits: micano

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Meowbelline…

Credits: alganus

This kitty found the perfect lap to sleep in. *Very unapologetic*

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

Looks like he got tired while battling the rugs.

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

Hello! I’d like a catte in a large cup, please.

Credits: stoltedarryl123

He puts himself in time out.

Credits: Maria Gatteira

Perfect opportunity to scratch belly and then RUN!!

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

It’s a size 9 kitty.

Credits: Necrohippie

This one’s in a food coma.

Credits: Maria Gatteira

“Danger is my middle name”

Credits: droidkaran

“Hey, shut the curtain and get out!”

Credits: g1yph

Guitar kitty! I bet he sounds really good.

This one will be on the next Vogue cover.

A little bedtime reading…

Credits: Mysaren

He slid down the stair handle and slept.

Credits: NubXilla

The floor is lava!

That’s a kitty sandwich.

Credits: Gabriellasbeautifulworld

Chandler: “Ey, Joe! Could that cat BE more misplaced?!”

Credits: TishyKitty

Some cats just can’t wait to try new furniture.

Credits: Inasss

That looks like a perfect spot for a nap.

How cute do they look! We are in love with these furballs. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share these sleeping beauties with your friends and family!

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