22 Funniest Pictures Of Wet Cats And Their Dramatic Reactions

  • By Sara
  • June 15, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats are really enjoying the spotlight these days.

The Internet is filled with adorable pictures and videos of cats. I barely spend a day when I don’t come across cute cat content on my news feed. And they make my day, honestly. We all need our daily dosage of cats. However, the pictures you see on the Internet are usually all sunshine and rainbows. Cats are glorious creatures, no doubt. But they can be very silly and derpy too. You usually don’t get to see this side of them unless you own a cat yourself.

Have you ever seen a cat taking a bath? They are hilarious! You won’t even recognise them when their fur is wet. Cats aren’t very used to baths, so their expressions are priceless as well. If you haven’t seen your furry friends taking a bath, you are missing out on a lot. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Below are 22 of the funniest pictures of wet cats and their dramatic reactions:

1. Look at those eyes! He’s begging for help!

Image credits: imgur.com

2. He looks like he has already decided how to murder the person that got him wet.

Image credits: themobilecatgroomer.co.uk

3. Kitty is not amused.

Image credits: estacey

4. That is not a cat. That is a cylinder.

Image credits: unknown

5. Plotting revenge.

Image credits: unknown

6. “My preciousss!” Is that Gollum?

Image credits: imgur.com

7. This one seems to be enjoying themselves!

Image credits: Kiki Pollux

8. Orange rat.

Image credits: E.L.A.

9. Please don’t throw more water at me.

Image credits: Alina Esther

10. The fluffiness is gone.

Image credits: Frank Pham

11. Licking away the wetness.

Image credits: David Brian

Even if you don’t know a lot about cats, literally everyone on the planet knows that they hate water. This is mostly because they fail to regulate their body temperature once their fur is soaked. Cats usually clean themselves by licking their fur. They don’t stay too dirty for long. However, some cats that live in warm climates actually enjoy being in the water. Also, if you have a pet indoor kitten, it will get used to taking baths and won’t bother you much when it gets wet. But that is only if you start giving it baths from a young age.

12. Tree log body.

Image credits: imgur.com

13. You will pay for this, hooman!

Image credits: Robert J.

14. Look at this cute baby! I feel so sorry for him.

Image credits: Betsy Cole

15. A rare photo of the Loch ness monster.

Image credits: snowleopard34

16. Grumpy Cat.

Image credits: Ian Murphy

17. This is a Johnson’s baby shampoo ad, right?

Image credits: Lynn Nord

18. This one seems to have gone into the water for the first time.

Image credits: imgur.com

19. Lucifer has taken over this one. Look at those black eyes.

Image credits: unknown

20. This one is about to turn Super Saiyan.

Image credits: cariberry

21. He is melting.

Image credits: unknown

22. This one reminds me of the caveman Spongebob meme.

Did any of these crack you up? Does your cat give you a hard time while taking baths? What does your cat look like when its fur is wet? Let us know in the comments below!

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