Artist Illustrates Hilarious Comics Depicting Everyday Life With Her BF & Their Cat

Comics have been a part of almost everyone’s life. We have all read comics at some point in our lives. However, there are still many people who haven’t been introduced to the world of comics. In any case, not every person has jumped on the comic book train. A few people don’t pay attention to comic books at all, as these people don’t understand all the benefits of perusing these visual masterpieces.

Particularly young readers, who are attempting to improve their reading aptitudes, can profit a lot, from the visual format of comic books and graphic books. With their intense visuals and focus on plot and characters, comic books can be substantially more engaging than other reading materials, for example, books or short stories.

One such artist named Mikko has been making comics. She resides in London, UK. Mikko has been travelling a lot since her childhood. She says that Manga (Japanese Comics) were a way for her to stay connected to home. In an interview she tells us about where she finds her inspirations from,  “Mainly people, music and life in general. Other artists too of course! People are so creative and funny, it’s inspiring.”

We have gathered some of Mikko’s comics that you will surely find entertaining and interesting.

1. Moms Are The Cutest Individuals On Earth!!

Moms are the best. They do these little acts that can make us smile instantly! And also make all the stress go away.

2. Drawbacks And Perks Of Having A Tall Boyfriend…

Everybody with tall partners can relate to this comic!

3. How To Keep Your Cat Cozy On A Cold Winter Night.

4. Cat In Different Forms Of Bread!

Deep down we all know that cats are shape shifters. But who knew cats could take forms of different types of breads as well.

5. Tall Friends Are Literally Angels Sent From Heaven!!

Y’all need to go and give appreciation notes to your tall friends. They really are awesome!

6. Sometimes, A Cuddle Is All It Takes To Make Your Problems Go Away.

A cuddle or a hug from the right person can make all your worries go away!

7. Cats Use Their Cuteness To Get Away With Everything.

8. Don’t Keep Your Hands Off Me.

“Theres no going back…” – Mhiller17

9. The Pros Of Having A Baby Face

People with a baby face and short heights are so lucky, no one can ever guess there real age!

10. Having Someone Who Can Distract You From Your Problems Is So Important!

Being called schnuckums from the right person can shift your mood from 0 to 100 in milliseconds.

11. Friends Would Never Leave A Chance To Embarrass You.

12. Proud Grandma!

Bless our grandmas, with their oh, so pure hearts!

13. Ouchie

“Oh old friend , static electricity” – Scrappy

14. Why Are Moms So Against The Idea Of Keeping Pets?


But mom why can’t you say “yes” for once??

15. When You Forget You Have Your Headphones On And You Start Walking…

“Why am I so clumsy? Why do I have to do this to myself. Ughhh” This comic is so relatable to most of us.

Loving Mikki’s comics? Well, you should be feeling lucky as we have a lot more for you. Keep scrolling down.

16. The Kind Of Gifts Cat Owners Get From Their Cats.

17. The Mystery Of Missing Items…

“I just found my lost eraser from 3 years ago cleaning for a change” – Nancy E

18. Giving Hints That He’d Never Understand

19. What Ya Looking At Little kitty?

Why do cats keep staring at the ceiling? Do they keep seeing a demon, ghost or an angel?

 20. How I Look Like When I’m Going Out Vs At Home.

“Gotta look the part :D” – Chocolate Quente e Biscoitos

21. The Cat With The Same Expressions..

The resting b*tch face is a thing that can also be seen in cats.

22. The Scarf With Multiple Uses…

“long hair is a beautiful curse”- Eamonn Anderson

23. Who Needs An Alarm Clock When Your Cat Can Wake You Up?

24. Germans And Beers; Stereotype.

25. Art Vs Cat Selfies.

“I feel this one deep in my bones…”- Nadia Bakkar

26. Time Has The Ability To Heal Things….Especially When You Have People To Support You.

All is well if it ends well.

27. Something Special

Well, Mikki, I am sure he found that hilarious!

28. Plans Vs Reality…

29. When Your Cat Is Being Extra Nice…

Cat farts are really nasty…

30. A Gift From Me To Me

“Got a bass now lol”- Emaronn Anderson

Do you also find her comics as relatable as I do? Well, keep scrolling, we’ve got more relatable content.

31. Going The Extra Mile…

Only if she knew it was an umbrella…

32. Deadline In A Week? Will Start Tomorrow.

Starting your due work literally in the last hour and then panicking about it –  every student’s life story.

33. Guys Never Lie, Is The Biggest Lie….

34. Only If The Cat Could Say “Bless You”.

The cat looks so scared in the third picture.

35. “I Am Going To Make A Schedule And Stick To It” Hahaha, Not Happening.

36. You Can’t Complete Your Tasks On Time When You Have A Cat

“This warm belongs to me now.” – Alicia Hawkins

37. They Hurt Me Sometimes, But I Still Love’em All!!

38. Baking Is Not Her Cup Of Tea….

39. Some People Are Just Meant To Be Together..

“And they both got hair cuts just in time!”- Mhiller17

40. All Asians Look Like Each Other.

41. Pizza Is Always The Right Answer.

Pizza = Happiness

42. But, Please Let Me Get Closer To This Spider, It Looks Really Cute.

Yeah, I’d be running for my life…

43. The Online Game-Date….

“Oh, my kind of date”- Chocolate Quente E Biscoitos

44. Nothing That Can’t Be Fixed By Squishing Each Others Cheeks…

And a little smooch.

45. When You Have To Cancel Your Plans Because You’re Sick

Good food can fix a bad mood.

46. Whatt?? That’s How I Looked??Ughhh *Regrets Going Out*

Now I understand, why people keep staring.

47. Summer Brings Happiness… And Also Bees…

48. When You’re Never Satisfied By The Details…

Does it for the 184th time, still doesn’t look perfect.

49. Well, We Can’t Have Enough Baby Llamas, Can We?

50. Ooppsss, He Just Ate A Wasabi. Certainly Not A Good Idea…

Wow! We can’t get enough of these relatable comical illustrations. How talented is Mikki, are we right or are we right? My personal favorite was the one with the umbrella, which one was yours? Let us know in the comments section below.

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