“What’s Wrong With My Cat?” - Cat Owners Posts Pics Of Their Malfunctioning Kitties

“What’s Wrong With My Cat?” – Cat Owners Posts Pics Of Their Malfunctioning Kitties

  • By Saif
  • 6 months ago
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Are you still trying to discover cat logic? Jump onto the bandwagon with us because this cat challenge might have an answer to it!

Cats are one of the most popular pets all across the world and also the most mysterious little creatures too! Everything they do always has a motive, a reason behind it which are pea-sized brains can never understand because of course, they are Gods and we are just peasants who are here to serve them. Cats behaving weirdly isn’t something new to us and we have gotten so used to it that now we don’t even think twice even if we notice them being all weird. There are numerous of cat memes being made on cat logics.

A lot of research has been done, a lot of books have been written trying to explain cat logic but all in vain because when we actually deal with it, it’s a whole another story. To make sure that every cat owner has to go through it and they could have a few discussions about it with each other, a subreddit has been made by the name of “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” and people are sharing all sorts of weird stuff that their furry little companions do. Well, out of all honesty, we cannot even imagine our lives without our furballs and this world would surely become a sad place to live in. Anyways, today, we have gathered some of the best pictures of malfunctioning cats which is going to make you laugh your ass off! Are you ready to witness that hilarious cat challenge? Keep scrollin’!

1. She Yells Until I Let Her Join Me In The Bathtub

via aquickcupofcoffee

Oh my, this is the type of cute cat pics we were expecting, right?

2. I Just Can’t With Noodle’s Face

via friendlynoodless

3. “How the hell do I get myself out of this situation? Hooman?”

via 5_Frog_Margin

4. The Deadly Combination Of One Cat That Likes Hidey Holes And Another Cat That Sits On Boxes

via KittyBiscuitsForSale

5. “What’s up doc?”

via Hark-a-kitty

“Why are you staring at me like that, hooman?”

6. Every Time You Pick Him Up He Needs To Stretch Out

via reddit.com

7. “Pardon me, can I sniff your butt?”

via CatVonTea

8. “How’s the angle now, hooman? All good?”

via I_stay_sideways

To learn more about these weird cat behaviours and the reasons behind it, Bored Panda decided to reach Ingrid Johnson. And according to Ingrid Johnson, who happens to be a certified cat behaviour consultant and also runs “Fundamentally Feline” explains, “it’s due to the fact that their bodies are extremely flexible and they are naturally curious yet cautious, so they get themselves into precarious situations quite readily. Cats also like to be up high, which is why you see the cat in the shower caddy.”

“Cats like small, confined spaces. They like to hide and feel safe. That is why we often see them squished into seemingly uncomfortable spots.” This is why they like cardboard boxes: because cardboard can actually assist a cat in maintaining their “thermal neutral zone.” The cat behaviourist explained further: “since cardboard is insulating, it helps cats maintain their body temperature of 100-102.5 degrees easily without having to expel much energy.”

9. What Did I Do To Merit This

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10. Goose Has The Ability To Scare The Crap Out Of Us. Should’ve Called Him Johnny

via YourNameWisely

This can be a great cat meme. “Me – when guests are over.”

11. “Can I just hide in here?”

via Stoon_Slar

12. “I wanna kiss a girl too like the spiderman does, hooman!”

via PressxStart

While inquiring about the typical behaviours of our felines, Ingrid said that it’s their need to scratch. “That behavior is as innate as a dog barking or a bird’s need to fly,” she explained. Moreover, felines are “fastidious groomers, better than most other species. They are solitary predators and really do not need much help from humans with regards to survival.”

13. “I’m just gonna rest my head on your head for a while, hooman.”

via ThinWhiteRogue

14. He’s Not Allowed In The Bathroom Because He Will Try His Best To Get Into The Toilet. This Is His Act Of Protest

via 2clapsNaRicFlair

15. That’s The Look Of “Don’t Go To Sleep Tonight Or Else”

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“You think you can sleep peacefully after giving me a bath against my will?”

16. “Let me inside you peasant!”

via IvoryHeket

17. He Carries His Ball Into The Tub And Knocks It Around For Hours And Then Passes Out

via Glitterworks

18. Searching for malfunctioning cats? There you go…

via jasontaken

19. Another malfunctioning cat!

via MintyMat

20. She’ll Hold This Pose Until You Pet Her…

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Upon being reached by Bored Panda, the creator of “What’s Wrong With Your Cat” subreddit explained that it was meant to be a companion subreddit for cat people. “Both subreddits serve as a place for folks to show off their pets being goofs,” he said. He was also laconic when asked about the idea behind it: “the images pretty much speak for themselves.”

21. “I’m trying to imagine”

via ThopterFox

22. That’s one sneaky little guy!

via imgur.com

23. Does Anyone Else’s Cat Sit Like This Or Are Yours Normal?

via yungkrueger

24. Someone’s keeping an eye.

via DavidGamer17

25. My Cat Stares At Me Through Reflections (Not Just Mirrors.. Anything With A Reflection, Like My TV When It’s Off). Freaks Me Out…

via alicatmonster

26. My Sisters Cat Is Obsessed With Whatever She’s Doing, All The Time!

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27. This one loves being dramatic as you can see.


28. Henrik Chomped My Cactus The Other Day. I Was Taking A Picture With Him And The Puncture Marks He Left When He Went In For A Second Chomp. He’s A Very Special Boy

via Avocado_Green28

29. Wait a minute…how in the world did he even get there!?

via elefantinxd

30. My Very Photogenic Kitten, Link

via Niluro

Cat be like, “Hahahaha, oh yes!”

31. My Cat Likes To Sit And Clean Her Toes By Chewing On Them

via r3tardat10n

32. Got Mcdonald’s And My Cat Decided To Stick His Head In The Empty Nugget Container

via Slutty-cat-lover

33. “Do not cross this line, hooman!”

via jasontaken

34. Mr. Toonses, Sitting Around The House, Judging Everyone

via salamanda_123

35. This one loves sleeping like this.

via indyandzoe206

36. “I’m sorry do I know you?

via OxfordAndo

37. “I’m not sure how to get out of this, hooman!”

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38. “Hey, waddup? You got something for me?”

via Skorp678

39. The Late Afternoon Sun Casts Shadows From Our Window Blinds. He’s Like This Every Day

via RedBanana99

40. Cats being cats.

via Elkie_Kaibu

41. Well, his system just crashed!

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42. He’s Been Sitting Like This For 15 Minutes. It’s Starting To Scare Me

via zarkvark

43. Okay this one is definitely possessed!

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44. This is what you get for being all greedy, mister!

via 5_Frog_Margin

45. “I’m the master of the universe.”

via DosioFvcks

46. He Sleeps Like A Thanksgiving Turkey

via Jl_15

47. Reggie Loves Rugs

via nugmuff

48. Look at this sleepy little baby…awww

via musicsquidge

49. Sometimes Winston Invents Brand New Shapes

via LadyRddt

50. No, I’ll just sleep on a napkin instead.”

via ottotherepoman

Such a cutie!

And we just reached the end of this post and would like to know, how did you like the cat challenge? Weren’t those some of the funniest cat pics that you have seen in a while? These malfunctioning cats made sure that we keep on laughing throughout the entire post! Have you ever taken a similar picture of your cat? If so, feel free to share it into the comments section below and let everyone have a laugh together!

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