41 Wholesome Stories Of Animals Who Found Their Furr-Ever Homes

41 Wholesome Stories Of Animals Who Found Their Furr-Ever Homes

The best thing in the world is when someone finds their true companion, their best friend. That wholesome feeling of being complete is honestly something that nothing else can top. And to add cherry on the top, it is intensified even more when you know that saved a life and found a best friend at the same time. Believe us, nothing beats the happiness you can get from this.

Our little voiceless beings are usually the ones who suffer the most. Many people around the world, especially those who do not like animals do not treat them right. Many even abandon them or abuse them. All these things that the innocent creatures do not deserve. We can only wonder how people have the heart to be so brutal. However, where there is bad, there is also good to counter the bad and we couldn’t be more thankful for that. Some amazing human beings were kind enough to open their hearts and their homes to these wonderful babies who deserve nothing but the best. They did not just go out and buy an animal who they thought was the best of all, instead they adopted the ones that really needed a genuine companion. We stan those who would rather adopt than shop. Here is a special shoutout to those who did!

Scroll down to see all the happy and content faces;

1. “This angry cat is named Giggles. He was just adopted from a local shelter”

Via u/GodThePopeThenMe

We’re not sure if Giggles is the right name for this one.

2. “The long adoption paperwork from Animal Control was worth it to bring Winston home.”

Via u/Val_Hallen

The turned in paws have our heart! We couldn’t be more happier!

3. “Adopted these two little fellas from the local shelter today :). Meet Turbo and Muffin!”

Via u/Vanyminator

The inseparable twins! Good thing they were adopted together.

4. “I found this little one in the gutter by the side of the road, being attacked by birds, malnourished and alone. I’ve rescued her and given her a loving home.”

Via u/aljobar

Aww, this poor little baby must’ve been terrified. We’re so glad she found her furr-ever home

5. “Vivien flew from Hawaii to Wa, this is her first night with us in her forever home.”

Via u/killercherry99

The distance couldn’t keep apart those who were meant to be together since the start.

6. “This is my little helper for work today. He ran in front of my car on the highway last night and I had to take him home”

Via @tulsi.mala

Good luck! You won’t be getting any work done from now.

7. “Juju was living under our car for a few days and she was so friendly, never saw such friendly stray in my life, today marks one week since we took her in (according to the vet, she 5 month’s old).”

Via u/namiot

What a perfect time to bring her in, right when she teething and wants some comfort!

8. “First time looking out the kitchen window, the excitement in her eyes melts my heart”

Via u/Solusvapros

WOW! Is that the real world? Can I go out to play, hooman?

9. “My friend heard him outside her house crying in the rain but she already has a cat, so I drove to her house for my first cat as an adult. Meet BISCUIT!!!”

Via u/25thQueenoftheCats

This is the cutest! Can we eat this Biscuit?

10. “This little guy just showed up. Skinny, covered in fleas, ear mites – hot mess! But he’s all better now and gaining weight. I wish I could hear his story for just a quick minute to know where he came from.”

Via u/meagaman1982

Never ask a cat about its past, got it hooman? Good.

11. “Meet my new fur baby Mr.Butters!”

Via u/airbear98

This is such an aesthetically pleasing picture. Just going to make this my wallpaper.

12. “Rescued these two sisters from the cold. Needless to say they’re home now…”

Via u/UmwhereamI

Home, happy, and loved.

13. “Boyfriend was running with the dog and this little bean ran up to them crying. Everyone welcome Binx to the club.”

Via u/glumunicorn

Sir, doggo, may I follow you home?

14. “Caught her trapped in my chicken coop! Meet my new cat, Kiki.”

Via u/pjnoy

The is the most perfect-est kitty we have ever seen. (yes, we know that is not a proper word)

15. “I just adopted this gorgeous boy who was saved from a hoarding/breeding situation and he is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever met! Completely obsessed with Tofu”

Via u/craftycraps

Why humans feel the need to do such a thing to such precious animals, we could never understand.

16. “Douglas was a stray living in the barn behind my wife’s store. He was fed, fixed and vaccinated, but she thought he deserved a warm place to sleep and might enjoy having a family to keep company. All he does is purr now.”

Via u/Matt1234911

Cuddle buddies for life!

17. “Our newly adopted dog has already found her favourite spot in the morning sun!”

Via u/TiMouton

Soakin’ in the sun is essential for survival.

18. “My little man slept the entire car ride back to his forever home… Everyone meet Guinness!”

Via u/bkcomputing

We get you, when the ride is peaceful and you know you’re finally home, you tend to sleep like a baby.

19. “This is our new gal Figaro. She’s the cutest little bean I ever did see”

Via u/grollbert


20. “It only took 11 days for our fostering attempt to fail… this little fluff and his sister have made themselves a part of the family.”

Via u/cyberentomology

Who could ever say no to that face? And who could ever give back such a cute little baby?!

Wait, wait, wait! Don’t stop just yet. You haven’t reached the end yet. There are many more to come which will definitely warm up your hearts. And God knows how much we all need it. Scroll down and spread the love!

21. “First time remembering my cake day so here is Gandalf, our new kitten”

Via u/slytherslut

Just keeping you company whilst you work.

22. “Adopted this grompy semi-feral girl named Poppy a few weeks back and I love her so much”

Via u/jupiters-moon

That look alone makes me want to go over to her and give her kisses. Just so I can put a smile on that grompy face!

23. “Meet Bruiser, my brother’s new Himalayan”

Via u/triple_gold_daytons

That tiny nose looks so boop-able.

24. “She runs the place now.”

Via u/ultimatemayerfan

With a face like that, she can run any place she wants.

25. “When we found this kitten on the street and decided to keep her, we were afraid our 1 year old kitty wouldn’t appreciate it…we were incorrect”

Via u/SaltyPhishman

You see that neighbor? Yeah, they give us extra food. Keep that in mind.

26. “Our new kitten has already mastered the look.”

Via u/protasha

What do you mean I can’t have more food?

27. “Welcome to our family Banjo!”

Via u/Wearesyke

Car rides again?! Yep, they make little puppers really sleepy.

28. “Picked up this bundle of joy today!”

Via u/outlandishpara

Excuse me, who gave you permission to be this cute?

29. “OSCAR the free Craigslist kitten”

Via u/Gabsgirlss

And Oscar is as content to have found his furr-ever home as he is cute.

30. “I moved abroad to study and my parents replaced me with this little guy. I’m not even mad.”

Via u/bihindu

Can’t even complain.

31. “I have a new cat!”

Via u/lalieqsnl

No, you have a new model.

32. “Tonight my mom rescued this kitten from inside a dumpster. Meet Pumpkin!”

Via u/Kafkahigh

Pumpkin sure looks comfy in that little towel. All fed and clean, now tuck him in.

33. “The start of a lifelong friendship.”

Via u/doggosandpupper

Get yourself a dog that looks at you the way this pupper is looking at the little boy.

34. “Ernie’s first day”

Via u/dopefinger

Is this the cutest pupper you’ve seen today or what?!

35. “Just got the sweetest baby girl today”

Via u/ericahopers

Look at her getting all comfy already.

36. “A stray kitten has been keeping me up at night meowing in my crawl space. Today I finally got to meet him.”

Via u/PoofMoof1

And aren’t you glad you met him? We sure are, to have seen such an adorable bundle of joy.

37. “We just adopted these two fluffy brothers. Hudson and Leo”

Via u/Jzmu

Hmm, looks like someone had their noses in the dirt.

38. “The stray kittens I found on the street. Everyone meet Oreo and S’mores.”

Via u/Mama-Llama75

Are you our new hooman?! Will you love us furr-ever and ever.

39. “Adopted this guy from a rescue shelter this morning. Say hello to Wally!”

Via u/myboydoogie24

Such an amazing trick. Not every dog can pull this off.

40. “Meet Bumi”

Via u/Lewhittles

This one has got to be a doll. No way this is a real cat.

41. “Just picked up our new baby! He’s 12 weeks old and doesn’t have a name yet!”

Via u/ahr1989

It’s name is cutie-mc-munchkin.

Didn’t we tell you these were going to be heart-warming? We absolutely adore those who stepped up to adopt these babies and gave them a furr-ever home and a furr-esh start. If we could, we would give them all an award for being the best humans ever. We are sure you agree with us, too. Have you adopted your new companion yet? Well, what are you waiting for?! Adopt, Don’t Shop! And, if you have, let us know in the comments section below. Maybe add in a picture or two so we can all fall in love with the cuties!

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