Shiba Inu Smiles Everytime He Sees Food & We All Can Relate

Shiba Inu Smiles Everytime He Sees Food & We All Can Relate

  • By Sara
  • September 23, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Food makes everything better.

Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I just eat and all my worries disappear. I’m not the only one that feels this way about food. A lot of people feel comforted by food. And that isn’t a bad thing as long as we eat healthily. Ever heard of the term “hangry?” It’s when you’re grumpy because you’re hungry, but as soon as you eat, you feel a million times better.

That isn’t just the case with humans. Dogs get happy seeing food too. One dog, in particular, a 9-month-old Shiba Inu named Uni really loves food. He smiles every time food is in sight. It doesn’t matter if it is his own or his owner’s. If there is food nearby, Uni gets a big grin on his face. Uni is from Tokyo, Japan, and he has become everyone’s favourite doggo on the Internet recently. Scroll down below to see this adorable Shiba Inu that smiles every time he sees food:

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1. Everyone loves noodles.

2. Look at the doggo on the cup.

3. So much food.

4. Comfort food.

5. What shall I eat first?!

“Uni is beautiful not only because he’s always smiling,” his owner told Bored Panda. “His short little legs have white paws, making him look as if he’s wearing socks!”

Uni is a very well behaved dog, as you can tell by his photos. “He is very well behaved, and knows that he needs to be quieter when we go out,” his owner added. “When he’s in public, he’s calm, doesn’t bark, or run around which makes hanging a stress-free and enjoyable experience.”

6. Exploring ChinaTown.

7. I’m watching you.

8. Big Shiba smol Shiba.

9. He’s a stuffed toy too.

10. Dress-up time.

11. Eating food from all around the world.

Uni is a big fan of potato sticks. American Kennel Club suggests that if you want to feed a dog potatoes, you should either boil it or bake it and please don’t add anything on them. “Potatoes fried in oil, such as french fries or potato chips, or potatoes with butter or salt added to them are not healthy for dogs. If your canine companion has diabetes, he should not be given potatoes because they can cause blood sugar spikes,” the organization wrote.

12. He’s so hungry, his tongue is out.

13. One doggo for delivery.

14. Going for walkies.

15. I wish I was this happy in life.

16. Am I as pretty as this flower?

17. Shiba-chu, I choose you.

18. It’s bath time.

19. Look at those paws.

20. Blep.

21. “Did someone say walk?!”

22. Ohana means family!

23. Such a polite smile.

24. The happiest doggo in the world.

25. Such a precious smile.

26. Squishy baby.

27. Oh look! It’s me!

28. Happy with his toy buddy.

29. “Sup?”

30. This is his actual serious face.

Do you get as happy as this doggo when you see food? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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