Funniest Cat Tweets Every Cat Owner Can Relate To

To all of you people out there, Cats are amazing. That’s it. They’re cute, cuddly, funny, moody, sassy, and most importantly beautiful all at once. That’s a hard thing to do to be honest. Being able to keep up with all your 15 personalities is a tough job. And only a cat can do it like a boss. We love everything cat-related. Cat stories, cat memes, cat pictures and videos, EVERYTHING. But the thing we love the most and wait for are the cat tweets.

Cat tweets tend to give you an insight of a cat’s life that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. If your cat is funny (which all cats are), then it’s likely that tweeting about your cat makes your cat ten times cooler. And guess what? We also get to love your cats. Isn’t that wonderful? Heck yeah.

Have a look at these cat tweets that we have collected for you guys to see. If you own a cat, we guarantee, you won’t be able to stop thinking about your cat as you move on. Hurry up and scroll below!

1. Looks like a muffin cat oven…

Cats love their grooming sessions, don’t they?

2. We are one.

via StansaidAirport

But that’s not…Umm…Let me look at it again.

3. Them: ‘Oh you’re the youngest, you must be your parents’ favorite’ Me:

Since laughter is the only way to get through this.

4. When you learn a new language and you can’t stop…

via lookwhoshira/

Wonder where the cat has been all this time…hmmmm

5. Just in case you ever wondered…

via /chisakanon

Your eyes have been blessed. You’re welcome.

6. Everybody please stand up for Kitty Purry.

Auto tune? This cat must be a very talented musician.

7. When your mom’s your only friend and she’s doing the dishes…

via JoshSchaefer25

I shall wait as long as it takes.

8. Want to add speak in your cat’s life?

via ArielDumas

The cats aren’t bothered at all. Guess who the real monster is..

Haha we’re loving this! These tweets are right on point. Actually, these cats are on point with their expressions. Although some of them are having a tough time, they’re still making us laugh. How cool is that. We’ve still got more cat tweets for you. Don’t stop now. Go on!

9. In this family, we have no rules…

via NikkiReimer

Gotta let the cat know first to avoid any inconvenience.

10. When someone steals your joke and they take credit for it.

via Juliie240

And all you do is secretly plan how to kill someone…

11. Imagine the fall on this cat…

Chubby kitty is on the roll. Make wayyy. 

12. Them muscles.

via moretylenol

Looks like a case of Unsolved Mysteries.

13. How we wait when we’ve ordered pizza

via Brocklesnitch

Patience is the key.

14. Your cat be thinking you’re magical

via TheDreamGhoul

.But you’re just smart. That’s all.

15. Can’t go wrong with birthday gifts…

via NicCageMatch

This cat is about to have the purrrfect birthday ever!

Well, well, well. These cats are something!!  Their perfect little faces made us easily crack up. But in their defense, they were just being themselves, right? Whatever you expect them to do, they’ll do the complete opposite and surprise you. Nevertheless, the best part is that your life would never be boring with a cat around you. All those who could relate to these, please raise your hands. All those who couldn’t, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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