Newly Adopted Dogs Who Just Found Their New Home

Newly Adopted Dogs Who Just Found Their New Home

  • By Saif
  • September 29, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Hello, doggo lovers! We meet again.

We are well aware of the fact that you are here to witness the smiles on the face of those adorable doggos who got adopted by the kindest human beings. When it comes to having a dog as a pet, a majority of the people are all about breeds but there are people who just love the dogs unconditionally, regardless of their breeds. And when that happens, it’s certainly one of the best sights to witness.

Some of the shelter dogs are neglected, abused & sick, which is really depressing to watch. However, it surely brightens up our day when we see that there’s still some humanity left in the world, who opt to adopt these adorable little creatures to give them the life that they deserve. You will be able to see happiness clearly on the face of these dogs after being adopted.

We strongly encourage people all around the world that if you ever decide to get a dog as a pet, do not buy one or go for a breed. Just adopt one instead and we promise you, that he/she will make you equally happy! Anyway, we have gathered a few pictures of the doggos which got adopted and we are pretty hopeful that it might convince you to even adopt one! Either way, it is definitely going to make your day! Scroll down to see for yourself.

1. Oh boy, he’s going to become one handsome doggo!

via u/scarr3g

“foster a dog, it will be temporary help for the shelter” they said…. Yeah right. This little pooper is not going back. Meet Elita 1. Our foster… I mean soon to be adopted puppers.

2. Awww… how adorable is this picture!

via u/asamin

“Yesterday I picked up my best friend for the foreseeable future”

3. Vader be like “Hey, we need to keep a distance”

via u/camehereforthedogs

“The shelter was clearing out for COVID-19 and I needed a social distancing buddy. Meet my new foster Vader!”

4. This broke our heart!

via u/havramov8

“Brought her home today from the local animal shelter. Shes 12. They said no one wanted her. I do. Shes had a long day. Rest well friend! Tomorrow we play!”

5. That doggo is going to have a very good time!

via u/tennis8637

“We got our first family dog!”

6. Oh God! How handsome that dog is!

via u/cantspellinator

“Just adopted this handsome boy yesterday”

7. Hello there, Jasper! You are absolutely adorable!

via u/mowmix

“We adopted this good boy today just as our state went on lockdown. Meet Jasper.”

8. Honestly, I wouldn’t even want to go anywhere with that cute little baby in my house!

via u/drags1104

“Didn’t know I would be home for an extended time when I adopted him, but he’s pretty happy about it.”

9. That was a very wise move! You certainly won’t regret having Gracie around.

via u/DependentWarthog

“30 day stay at home order? Guess I’ll adopt a pupper. Meet Gracie!”

10. That is such an adorable picture!

via u/dhowe100

“Shelter was filling up due to dummies and the virus. I did my part and adopted this cutie to spend my social distancing with. Meet Olive.”

11. OMG! I’m going to MELT!

via u/Baconislife1130

“I got my first puppy today! Meet Simba!”

You see, this is what we were talking about. Why not give a whole new life to these adorable little creatures who are searching for love and a forever home? One should never opt for the looks or a breed of a dog because every dog is beautiful in its own unique way. Keep scrolling to witness for yourself.

12. Would you look at that little captain jack?

via u/nicecanofspam

“I’m a 35 Year old male and have wanted a Husky since I was 10. World, say hello to “Winks””

13. He sure does seem like a good boy to us!

via u/cynicbla

“Adopted this good boy yesterday!”

14. Haha boomer seems excited!

via u/TheRealBebus

“Adopted the goodest boy today! He is my first dog ever. Meet Boomer!”

15. Damn, Oberyn is handsome AF!

via u/Monk3ySeeMonk3yDo

“I got my first dog yesterday, Meet Oberyn!”

16. That has got to be the cutest little thing I have seen today!

via u/penguck1

“Our family grew last week….Meet Otis!”

17. Waffles is a good boy, we can tell.

via u/DrBeats777

“Today my wife and I adopted a senior puppy! Everybody, meet Waffles!”

18. Well, you are going to have the best time of your life now!

via u/Rysimar

“Most of my family is allergic, so we could never have a dog growing up. I’m 33 and just adopted for the first time. Meet Ava.”

19. That is definitely the best birthday gift ever!

via u/halotopper

“Finally got my dad his birthday gift this weekend. Meet Archie.”

20. Oh my, what Shampoo do you use, Miss Finley?

via u/Waspo98

“After 6 months of marriage, my wife and I decided it was time to become a family of 3! Meet Finley!”

21. Harley be like, “Can I tilt my head for the picture, hooman?”

via u/RedFuckingGrave

“Meet my parent’s new dog : Harley. She’s 8 and she’s a good girl.”

And sadly, we have reached the end of the post. We hope that you’ve had a good time looking at these good boys and girls. Above all, we are really hopeful that this article of ours would be impactful enough for you to adopt a doggo rather than buying one. Which one did you find the cutest? Let us know into the comments section below.

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