Artist Brilliantly Illustrates Different Coffees As Cats

  • By Hashir
  • August 15, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

There is no better way of starting our day other than with a hot cup of coffee. It’s not just a hot beverage but it’s our kick start potion. It helps us wake up and start our day with positive energy. Without it, we feel grumpy and it seems like our day has not started yet. Other than coffee, our adorable felines are responsible for waking us up early in the morning. They act as our morning alarm way before the actual alarm rings. They make sure we always stay one step ahead of the clock that’s why they would wake us at 3:00 am so that we start our day nice and early, feed them well before we set out for work. Hence coffee and cats share some commonalities.

Just like every breakfast table is incomplete without coffee, a home in not a home without a cat in it. A Russian artist named Elena Efremova brought these two very important components of our daily life together. She drew cats that represent her coffee. Artists love to experiment with art. They go to all extremes to complete their masterpiece. We’ve seen artwork with salt and other spices. Some artists like to paint with fruit and vegetables, even with coffee. Although it takes time, effort and energy, the results are amazing. Elena came up with this ingenious idea of illustrating cats as each type of coffee she drank. There is a cappuccino cat, espresso cat, even a latte cat and many more. Scroll down to check them out.

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Coffee With Ice-Cream

Elena Efremova pictured each coffee with its respective cat magnificently. We must say she’s an amazing artist. Her work shows how much she loves coffee and cat. Seems like she’s a cat mommy in real life. Undoubtedly she has nailed it! Each coffee flavor is matching with its cat’s personality flawlessly.  On her Behance portfolio, she wrote:

“Here are my coffee cats. Each has its own character, as well as every type of coffee has its own flavour.”




À la Française

Cats are so wholesome! They possess the quality of instantly brightening up our day. We think these cats coffee art is purrfect. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below. You can also share them with your friends for some artwork inspiration.

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