Cat Owners Shared Stories Of Cats Showing Kindness To Their Humans In Funny Ways

  • By Admin
  • May 3, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Does your cat love you enough to bring their favourite toys to you?

Many people believe that cats don’t love their hoomans or even if they do, they just won’t show it and there’s no way you can be sure about whether your cat loves you or not. Well, to all those people who think that’s true, you definitely never had a cat before because our adorable furry little companions know how to show love and they have their own unique and hilarious ways to show! You just gotta be smart enough to get the drill.

Of course, people would like to debate that dogs are better at showing love but that’s not true. Cats love their hoomans equally and would show their affection in their own cute little ways. The cat’s most common way of showing affection to their humans is by gifting their favourite toys or surprising them randomly with weird gifts! Weird gifts…hmm. Cat owners would know exactly what we are talking about because the weird gifts could range anything from a dead mouse to a dead cockroach even. YIKES! But it’s truly adorable and hilarious. Let’s read about the experiences people had;

1. Damn! Your cat really loves you a lot!

Via Lauren Carroll-Gross

2. Ew! But hey, a gift is a gift!

Via Punkus Arnett

3. Haha this kitten sure knows how to become her hooman’s favourite!

Via Mariam Smith

4. HAHA WTF! That cracked me up!

Via April Rudolph-Henley

5. Cats are innocent creatures.

Via Melissa Cahill

6. 20 freakin grasshoppers! That cat is an amazing hunter and a true lover!

Via Liliana Molinar

7. Haha things they do for “love”!

Via Lou Scott

8. Thank God it’s a rat TOY!

Via Patricia Brunner

Well, cats might not give you the most pleasant gifts but they sure know how to show love! Bringing gifts is the sweetest gestures of all! However, the posts don’t end here and the best experiences are yet to come! So, we suggest that you keep scrollin’ until the end of the post!

9. Cats are not just unpredictable but also the smartest!

Via Robyn Louisell

10. Stormy be like, “why are you taking my picture for?”

Via Reda Mills

11. Wearing those shoes would be one of the worst nightmares!

Via Elizabeth Becerra

12. Awwww… how adorable!

Via Teresa Sandler

13. That is exactly the kind of cat everyone needs in their lives!

Via James Brady

14. Hey, that’s rude. Gifts are gifts, okay!

Via Heather Race

15. I’m not crying, you are crying!

Via Holly Rider

16. You’re one lucky hooman!


Annnnd the post comes to an end but we believe that reading these first-hand experiences might have changed the way you think about cats! We would also love to know about your experiences and the gifts that you have received from your furry little companions! Feel free to use the comments section below.

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