Family Keeps Posting Hilarious Shenanigans Of This Pitbull Who Think He’s A Cat

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They like to be a part of the team. But did you know they could be a cat’s best friend, too? Or maybe even become a cat? Pretty hard to imagine, huh? But we’ve actually got a story that would make your doubt fly right out! We know a dog that is basically a catdog and does what any cat would ever do.

This amazing dog that is breaking the internet is…Mako the pitbull. According to his owners Bethany and Samantha Castiller, he IS a very good boy but likes to do things in an unusual way. They were cat owners and wanted to change things up a bit so they decided to adopt the most adorable 2-year old Mako. And yes, they were concerned about their pets getting along like we all would’ve been. “We initially kept the cats in a separate part of the house because we wanted to slowly introduce them to the new dog. He started jumping up on the small tables we had around the house and we thought he was just super excited and full of energy.” Bethany shared her initial thoughts with Bored Panda. But little did she know, she wouldn’t have to worry about Mako at all. Mako made himself comfortable at home and with cats so much so that he (legit) thinks he’s one of them.

We’ve usually seen cats shift shapes (not literally!) but have you seen dogs act in a way that we didn’t know they could? That’s right. We didn’t too, until now. So we thought it would be cool to share it with you guys as well. Check out these images below.

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Meet Mako, the dog who doesn’t think of himself as one.

Yep, Whatever you’re comfortable with buddy!

Three cats doing what cats do. Nothing surprising (There’s another cat if you missed it)

More like we didn’t choose the dog, the dog chose us! Bethany shared their visit to the pet shelter and explained, “When we went to the pet shelter, Mako had looked over his shoulder and gave us direct eye contact and we just fell in love with the little guy. At the time, he looked like a bobblehead because his head was so much larger than his body, we just thought he was adorable.” We still think he is!

They even eat at the same time!

Have a look at this video to see what Mako does…


It was soon after Bethany and Samantha brought Mako home to the cats and realized they didn’t just get along well but…he practically became one. Makos love for the cats was so immense that.. “They would be on the counters and he would jump up there with them. He just wanted to be around them all the time.”

Mako does seem like a VERY good boy who not only found himself a home but also a family…of cats that he loves so much. Don’t think there’s any other explanation to why a pit bull would climb on furniture…

Just casually sitting on the counter like a tiny cat that this big dog is.

Stare off with one of our own

Mako even managed to successfully get on top of a glass table without breaking it

I wanna know how this big boy got on top of those shelves!

When you don’t know how to dog


Hiding behind the cat, like a cat.

Mako’s having the time of his life! Meanwhile the cat…umm not so much.

Seems like Mako realized that he couldn’t exactly sit where the cat is sitting!

That face is to die for!

So effortless, honestly.


When you’re a catdog but still scared of cats.

Looks like somebody’s in trouble.

Isn’t this what cats do

Mako is overjoyed. And honestly, so are we.

Just like us, there are people on the internet that are loving the Mako content. Lets see what they have to say.


We absolutely LOVED this. We don’t think there’s anything cuter than this dog. Mako has given us some serious laughs and shocked us with how good his imitation skills are. What do you think? Share your thoughts and stories if you’re a both cat and dog owner. We’d love to hear them.

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