The 17 Sleepiest Kitties Who Can Nap Anywhere

  • By Saif
  • November 5, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Beware! The cuteness that you are about to witness can be life-threatening.

First things first, we can clearly tell that you’re a cat lover and that’s why you are here in the first place. Kitties are literally one of the most adorable and cutest species that we have ever come across. No, don’t get us wrong, we love dogs as well but both are unique in their own beautiful ways. However, today we will be talking about our little furry friends who never fail to amuse us with their mischievous behaviours and silly acts.

Now, we all know that our furry little companions love to sleep. An average adult cat is said to sleep between 12-20 hours a day. Wow, wish I was a cat! It’s like they are sleeping more than half of the day but wait… who doesn’t love watching a kitty while they take a nap? We just can’t help but marvel at the amount of cuteness that sight has to offer. Watching our cute little felines fall asleep without a worry in the world is definitely one of the best moments of our lives. However, some times, they tend to sleep in the weirdest positions as well and that’s one hell of a hilarious sight to witness. As you would have guessed by now where we are going with it, today, we have gathered up some of the cutest pictures of little kitties taking a nap.

Are you ready to have your heart burst wide open? Because it certainly won’t be able to comprehend the cuteness that you are about to see. So, why don’t you take a deep breath and start scrolling?

1. Let’s start off with one of the weirdest positions.

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“I’m just gonna take a smol nap, hooman”

2. Burritos? or Purritos?

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Either way, we love them!

3. Oh. My. God!

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Is this what heaven looks like!?

4. Oh, they love sleeping on the towels!

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“It’s so soft. I’m just gonna fall asleep here”

5. Seems as this kitty fell asleep while trying to climb upwards.

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Them adorable little paws though!

6. Spot the kitten challenge!

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Awww… words cannot define the amount of love being displayed in this picture.

7. She was having a bad dream so he decided to comfort her.

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How adorable!

8. Um… that’s more than just weird.

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Which cat sleeps like that!?

We are halfway through and we are pretty sure that you still can’t get enough of them, right? Isn’t it amazing how these adorable little creatures can melt our hearts within seconds even by just falling asleep? Keep scrolling, we have more for you!

9. She loves sleeping with her little cuddle buddy.

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Such cuteness, much wow!

10. That cat has the comfiest bed.

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I wish I could just take a nap with that cute little kitty in her little bed!

11. Yep, you are going to die trying to absorb that cuteness!

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This little furball is the cutest thing you’d see today.

12. Can I have something similar to a Tiger?

via source

Oh, purrfect!

13. If “happiness” had a face.

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How do you even take such adorable pictures?

14. Someone’s trying to take a swim in their dream.

via source

Look at those paws.

15. Never knew yawning could appear so adorable.

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16. Oh, my heart…

I’m going to melt away in this cuteness.

That’s enough cuteness for us to comprehend today. Do you take pictures of your kitties too while they are asleep in cute weird positions? Also, which of these kitties did you find the cutest? Let us know into the comments section below.

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