Little Dog Refuses To Leave Kitten Side Unless They’re Adopted Together

Little Dog Refuses To Leave Kitten Side Unless They’re Adopted Together

  • By Umer R
  • May 12, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

Don’t tell us that you still believe in the fact that a dog and a cat can’t be best friends?

We understand that a cat and a dog has always been portrayed as rivals in a majority of the content that we used to watch back in our childhood but that isn’t really true. Cats and dogs can become great friends but it’s hard to believe until we see a living proof of it, right? Don’t worry, we have just got the right story for you today which will convince you that a cat and a dog can be best friends!

It’s a story about an adorable little Chihuahua named Gomez and a charming little kitty, Morticia. A Samaritan was passing through Hampton Soccer Park in Hampton, Virginia and managed to discover a small pup and an adorable black little kitten sitting between two portable toilets. Those adorable furry creatures were crammed up against each between the toilets as it can be seen in the picture down below;

This cute little chihuahua appeared to be protecting the smol kitten.

The Samaritan, who was an animal lover, had absolutely no clue about where did the duo come from or who abandoned them but he knew that they needed to be rescued before someone harms them. So, they decided to take a picture of the duo and post it on the local private social network known as Nextdoor, in hopes of locating the owner. The post was eventually shared on Facebook’s animal group called Lost & Found Pets of Hampton Roads, VA.

That’s when Angela Davis Ward came across the post and decided to rush on to the location along her daughter to help them out. Surprisingly, the pup was being so protective for the little kitty that he’d growl and bark at anyone who’d try to approach them.

Aren’t they just too adorable!?

A.C. arrived at the scene and managed to catch the pair without having to use any catch pole because by the time they reached, the pup had already realized that they are not in any kind of danger. However, the small kitten appeared to have some skin problem and they were taken straight to the vet for a full check-up.

Since it was an unusual pair of a cat and a pup, it was nearly impossible to keep them together at the Animal Control and neither can they enforce the people to adopt both of the animals together. The kitten who was only 10 months old while the Chihuahua was about 2 years old, appeared to be abandoned by someone or could possibly be strays who just got along really well. The director of the shelter, Turkan Ertugrul had seen the original post and waited all night for an update on the pair.

They are definitely one of the cutest pairs we have ever seen!

Soon after receiving the news that nobody came ahead to claim the pair, she immediately decided to bring them to the rescues foster care as it was the only way to demand the adoption of the bonded pair together! As of now, the adorable pair are living happily together into the foster care and will be put up for an adoption.

A CUTE UPDATE – Ertugrul decided to give us a wholesome update; Initially when Gomez wasn’t aware of the environment, he ran up to several foster’s black cats thinking that it’s Motricia but as soon as he found out that it isn’t, he’d be so disappointed. Gomez was observed to be shy around the people initially when he meets someone new but it doesn’t take him much time to warm up. When they are together, they are more happier as compared to when they would meet new people individually.

Here’s an adorable video of the duo!

So, you see that the rumours about how a dog and a cat can’t be best friends, were completely untrue! We hope that after seeing this post, your views have changed. But we would still like to know what did you think about it? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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