20+ Pets Who Grew Up Into Giant Furballs of Love

  • By Umer R
  • May 13, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

Do you remember the first day when your adorable little fluffer came into your life? And while you held your tiny little floof for the first time in your hands, you probably couldn’t control your excitement, right? It’s definitely one of the most beautiful moments of our lives and we just simply cannot comprehend the amount of cuteness that we have to witness in that moment! Whether it’s a cat or a pup, both are the epitome of happiness!

Whether you are raising a human baby or an animal, it’s surely one of the most beautiful feelings in the world to watch how they grow up so fast right in front of your eyes. Not only do they stop fitting in our palms but also our laps too, eventually! Also, we think we know a lot about these tiny fluffs but do we, really? Did you know that cats are believed to be the only mammals who don’t taste sweetness?

Or were you aware of the fact that just like humans, a dog can be left or right pawed? It is an undeniable fact that there are still hundreds of facts about our furry little companions that we certainly have never even heard of!

Now is the time to hop onto the beautiful pictures that we have collected for you of some adorable cats who grew up just to become MORE ADORABLE! Scroll down to amaze yourselves;

1. “My smol kitty was only 5 weeks old when I adopted her VS after 1 year!”

via © meamreggie / Reddit

2. This is what growing together looks like!

via © FannyOfFanton / Reddit

3. Here’s a picture of my pup 3 years apart! Oh, there’s a cat too now!

via © BlurbYourEnthusiasm / reddit

4. Meet Chico! He’s grown into a handsome pup!

via © TranssexualUnicorns / imgur

5. It’s amazing how these pups grow up so fast!

via © OPJesseVeronie / reddit

6. From a smol ball of fur to a full grown cat in 2 years!

via © katyleecatladybi*** / imgur

7. He doesn’t fit in my lap anymore!

via © MissBadgerTheMemeCatcher / imgur

8. The only thing that change is his size!

via © Carliepuck / reddit

9. Not sure whether my husband shrunk or my pup got bigger!

via © AdriannSongster / imgur

10. He never liked his pictures being taken

via © ladym*** / reddit

It’s so heartwarming to see how our pets grows up right in front of our eyes and they just keep on getting fluffier and fluffier! You will be amazed to see how their personalities and habits changes too during the time of their growth. The pictures don’t end here, we have a few more pictures coming up ahead so keep scrolling!

11. After 1 year and 141 pounds.

\12. “3 years ago today we brought Clancy home, our Siberian Forest cat.”

via © RockySC / imgur

13. Would you look at those expressions! It’s the same.

via © CelticLink / imgur

14. It’s not the same dog, is it?

via © vividlee / reddit

15. 20 years apart and he still loves to rest in my arms.

via © madewithmagic / imgur

16. “The first day we brought our Evie home compared to a year later. Our pup is definitely a daddy’s girl.”

via © CayBoo / reddit

17. Growing up gracefully!

via © Mipkins / reddit

18. Here’s our German Shepherd who grew up too fast but still loves his toy!

via © This_is_Dan_Thanks / reddit

19. He weighs 60lbs now, can you believe that?

via © LadyLionesstheReaper / reddit

20. We both grew together.

via © mexican_lexicon / reddit

21. “My dog the day I got him vs 1 year later. He’s about 40 pounds of energy.”

via  © sfisher24601 / reddit

No matter how older they get, they will always be our little babies who would want to jump into our laps and give us cuddles. We hope that you enjoyed looking at these pictures. Show us the pictures of your pets growing up with you, in the comments section below!

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