Kitten Found On Roadside Surprises Hoomins With Extreme Fluffiness (10 Pics)

Kitten Found On Roadside Surprises Hoomins With Extreme Fluffiness (10 Pics)

  • By Saif
  • April 6, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Have you ever had the chance to rescue a kitty?

It’s one of the bestest feelings ever which certainly can never be described in words. If you are a true animal lover, you would opt to adopt a kitty or rather rescue one and give a new life to it. We understand that a majority of the people nowadays would opt to buy one because they are interested in the breeds more than the animal itself. When the truth is, the breed shouldn’t matter because you are discriminating between the animals as all of them are adorable!

However, today we came across a very heartwarming story which won’t just make you go all gaga over the kitty but might inspire you to adopt/rescue one too! So, a small kitty was about to die on the streets of Florida until this family decided to rescue it. They adopted the kitty and nursed him back to health. They took such amazing care of the kitty that it turned out to be a huge ball of fur! And guys, it’s truly one of the most cutest things you’d have ever seen!

The family even made an Instagram account for him to share his pictures with the world to see! The first picture they uploaded was captioned with “Silas before and after!”. “He was left on the side of the road, and near death. We gave him a forever home.”

Little did they know that Silas would grow up and become so fluffy and adorable! Don’t believe us? Of course, you’d wanna see it for yourself, don’t you? Let’s check out the pictures then.

Via: Instagram

1. Here’s what the poor Silas looked like when they rescued him

2. Now, are you ready to be amazed by the incredible transformation? Well, here you go!

It has turned into a huge ball of fur! So fluffy!

3. Silas hiding inside the blanket.

“What do you want, hooman?”

4. He loves being cute!

As if he wasn’t already too cute for us?

5. Lunch time!

“I’d like a steak today, hooman”

6. Oh my… here’s how he sleeps with his family!

Wish we could cuddle him too, right?

7. Looks like someone’s enjoying all the attention!

“Yes, yes, that’s what I hired you hoomans for”

8. When you accidentally open the front camera of your phone.

But sadly, you don’t look that cute ever.

9. Sleepy little baby

He’s having such a peaceful sleep!

10. Majestic AF!

He’s turned into a very handsome guy! Be careful, ladies!

11. Awww… what a cutie!!!

Look at that fur! Gosh, makes us feel weak in the knees!

12. Here’s a side by side comparison as to what Silas looked when he was rescued and how he turned out to be, afterwards!

It truly appears to be a miracle, doesn’t it?

Well, isn’t it amazing what love and care can do? Who would have thought that with proper love and care, this kitty would turn out to be one of the best and the most cutest looking felines ever? Let us know whether you ever had the chance to rescue one or not? Feel free to share the story with us in the comments section below!

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