10+ Cats With Unique Fur Markings You’d Almost Think Were Photoshopped

10+ Cats With Unique Fur Markings You’d Almost Think Were Photoshopped

  • By Saif
  • April 6, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

Another article about a cat? Why not! We can never get enough of these, right?

Cats sure know how to make us fall in love with them. Even though they would boss us around, would be mean to us at times, wouldn’t give a sh*t to our rules but they just know how to make us weak in the knees and how to make us obey them! Yep, you heard that right, obey them. Because it appears like the people own their cats but in reality, the cat owns people. So, it’s like selling your soul to satan…oh wait, to the cat, we meant!

Everything about these adorable little furballs is unique. Their eyes, their cute little paws, their adorable faces and of course, their gorgeous fur! But have you ever seen or witnessed some crazy fur markings? Not sure what we are talking about? Well, in simple words, have you ever seen a heart shape on the fur of a cat? Or perhaps a bat shape being prominent on the fur? If you haven’t, you are about to be astonished! Before you proceed, we would like to let you know that it’s NOT photoshopped. It’s completely real and these cats do exist.

So, without any further ado, let’s continue towards the pictures that we have gathered for you because we know that you are being very anxious to see them now. Start scrollin’ now!

h/t: Bright Side

1. You wanted a number 1 cat? Well, here you go!

2. No, that’s not a panda, it’s a cat!

3. A kitty on a kitty’s nosie! Kittyception!

4. Well, this cat can smile, from the back!

5. The soul taker is here!

6. Would you look at that little spy! Doesn’t even need a mask cus he’s always wearing one!

7. Wanna teach your kids about the shapes? Well, here you go!

8. Spot the wolf!

9. When you wanna keep 2 cats but your mum allows only one!

10. Damn, that’s one aggressive bat-cat!

11. This cat has travelled many continents

12. You wanted a cookie?

13. “What do you mean I have 4 eyes?”

14. “Allow me to introduce myself, my lady!”

15. Yep, that’s his soul with a sword!

We have just reached the mid yet and we bet you might be having a hard time to believe that these fur markings are real! That’s alright because we were astonished too. We suggest that you keep on scrolling until the end as there are a lot more unique ones!

16. This is the cat who signals the bat-cat!

17. Going to a party? This one is always ready!

18. Even though his face looks a bit constipated but that heart just melts us!

19. That’s one furious look!

20. Cats with eyebrows? No problem!

21. “Mom, why do you spend so much time with that makeup? Look at me, I’ve got natural eyeliners and maskara!”

22. Not sure if it’s lol or 101!

23. Zorro’s sidekick? Possibly!

24. Would you look at that sword!!!

25. “Henlo. I’m Charlie Chaplin’s cat!”

26. Such grace, much wow!

27. Yep, cat-ception again!

28. Wait a second…is that a … DRAGON!?

29. Do we even need to explain that to you? We hope not “!” 😉

30. Harry potter, y u do dis?

31. That’s one of the most beautiful cats out there! That heart is adorable!

So? What do you think? We bet you loved watching these pictures and at some point, you must have thought to yourself, “Wait a minute! This can’t be real! It’s definitely photoshopped!” but nope, it isn’t. Let us know about which cat intrigued you the most, into the comments section below.

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