15 Times When Internet Was Wholesome AF

15 Times When Internet Was Wholesome AF

  • By Asad
  • September 29, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

The internet can be an ugly place where people are vicious to each other for no reason. How dare you have an opinion that isn’t the same as this other guy’s opinion? This is grounds for verbal combat, insults and the whole lot, which can sometimes lead to very real problems and dangers like doxxing and hacking, and if you’ve got somewhat of a reputation online, even in small circles, then rumors. That’s why it’s so surprising when things seem to be going downhill and then suddenly don’t.

In fact, there’s an entire dedicated subreddit for this kind of thing, full of people who do their best to prevent things from escalating and turn arguments on their head and share it with other people. Because, as surprising as it may seem, there are good people out there on the internet who want to do good things to their fellow human beings. They celebrate the times other people are confused by the surprising niceties, because that’s what good people do.

Source: Reddit

#1 Stressful

My son’s teacher has been emailing educational links and odds and ends to us since the school closed. She once mentioned that the kids (3rd graders) could send her messages if they felt like it. I didn’t think much of it but now I’m thinking it might be nice to have my son contact her every few days. Just to ask how she is and to let her know how he is. She’s a big part of his life and while she may be enjoying some down time, I’m sure she’s nervous about the future for all of her kids and herself. It’s a scary time and maybe it wouldn’t hurt for all of us to reach out to others to see how they’re doing.

#2 Edith’s birthday

#3 Hamster care

#4 Neighbor

#5 Black Metal

Run this through some filters and you got an album cover

Nah, you don’t need filters. Just use that spray paint that works on snow and a little red facepaint to make the guy look like some snow demon has cleft his skull in twain. Maybe throw it into paint.net and sharpen it a few times.
Change the snow to a lake of boiling corpses and shop a big fuckin spike coming out of his chest. Brutal.

#6 Casper and his Homies

#7 Pies

#8 A friend in me

#9 Helping hand

#10 Karen

This literally sounds like my mom. Her name is Karen and does all of this kind of stuff. Are we related? Are you my brother/sister I’ve been looking for all my life?! I love you!

My friend’s mom is Karen and she does this stuff too! I went out with my friend and her family a ton of times and her mom is always so nice, helpful, starting conversations, and making people feel good. Honestly every Karen I met is the sweetest woman ever.

#11 NYCT Subway<

#12 Pot brownies

#13 Lack of snark

#14 Studio

#15 The X button

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