This Tattoo Artist Turns Your Pets Into Adorable Tattoos

We love our pets and we want to keep them around all the time. It’s so difficult to leave those squishy lil cute munchkins back at home when we’re going out, how could we ever manage to stay away for a longer period of time? Our pets are like our babies. A part of us! Like family.

Lucky for us, this South Korean artist has mastered the art of tattoo making – specifically including our furry friends. Now we take our fur buddies wherever we go! How cool is that?

Jiran, an artist residing in Seoul has specialised in creating fun and unique pet tattoos. Jiran creates fun cartoon versions of pets, which is honestly just way too cute and exuberant for us not to love. We are so surprised as to how she managed to be such a brilliant tattoo artist since tattoos are actually banned in South Korea.

Anyway! If you ever feel like getting a tattoo of your pet, book your tickets to Seoul my friend, because after looking at these wonderful tattoos, you’re going to want it really badly. Check out these amazing pet tattoos!

1. This sweetest little doggo with its tongue out.

2. This one looks very shocked…

3. The best trio ever!

4. This cheeky little smile.

5. Well, at least they are together, in the tattoo.

6. Mr. Grumpy.

7. This cutie with the ducky on its head.

8. This may be simple, but it’s amazing!

9. This little version of an already smol doggo.

10. This ginger with a heart on its head.

11. The happy and sad emotions.

12. Partners in crime.

13. These twins!

14. Stacked upon one another.

15. They look so cute together!

16. This standing corgi.

17. The tattoo pet kinda looks high…

18. This good boy.

19. Kinda sad that the one on the right doesn’t have a bone.

20. Why so serious?

21. This one can now stay with you forever!

22. Hanging onto that giraffe

23. This cat, who doesn’t like anyone taking its pictures.

24. Angel sent from above.

25. Don’t mind me, just stretching.

26. This one even has a little bow!

27. R.I.P sweet little baby!

28. This one is so fluffy.

29. His little tooth.

30. This one looks like a bald man.

31. Merry Christmas.

32. This one has a mustache.

33. So many ponytails.

34. Meow!

35. Hello, I’ve got a mango.

36. There is so many happening in this picture!

37. Got a bucket full of love.

38. Grey and White.

39. A handsome cat.

40. The doggo and the snake.

41. This one is watching you!

42. This one who is going to stare at you till the end of time.

43. So many hearts!

44. Hello, I’m here to take you out!

Great! Now, I feel like getting my pet tattooed on me. Just have to pack my bags. Jiran really did an amazing job at creating cartoon versions of pets. We are absolutely in love with these tattoos! What did you guys think? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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