Hilariously Relatable Dog Tweets For Anyone Who Love Dogs More Than Anything

  • By Saif
  • September 2, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Dogs are arguably the best pets any man could ever have. They’re loyal, sweet, and silly. You and your dog share an unbreakable bond and that does not even require you to give your 100% every time. Because your dog does that for you, all you have to do is just love him back. You also communicate well with each other without having to attend dog language classes. How cool is that? You may be a cat person or have bird pets but you see living with dogs, is different. Your world perfectly revolves around theirs and vice versa.

Now dogs are not only a man’s best friend, but they’re also Twitter’s favourite. Through the years, dog owners and non-dog owners have shared some of the greatest stories of dogs. And we pretty much live for this stuff. In fact, what would Twitter be like if it weren’t for dog content? Already sounds weird. Therefore, it is safe to say that dogs, not only rule our lives but they also rule the internet. Soon enough, they’ll rule the world and we’re all up for it.

But since that’s not happening anytime soon, we’re gonna stick with the tweets. Have a look at these hilarious dog tweets that are too relatable if you have a dog. If you don’t, you’ll feel like you have one. Dogs live in our hearts, remember that! Hurry up and scroll down.

1. First of all, why did it take you 3 dates to ask that?

via twitter

You have let us down!

2. Would you leave your friend for 2 million dollars? Well, in this case…

via twitter

We’ll do it for nothing!

3. *Bork Bork* – Human version.

via twitter

We hope it just stays till barking and nothing else that dogs do…You wouldn’t like that.

4. And why wouldn’t you?

via twitter

Just don’t google ‘Dogs in blanket’. Warned ya!

5. Why even bother?

via twitter

Might as well just resign and bring it home.

6. When you accidentally step on your younger sibling and that dramatic sh*t makes you feel bad…

via twitter

Mistake shall only be accepted in dog’s case. The rest deserved it.

7. Of course, we can’t just walk away from a dog without saying “I love you”

via twitter

Or maybe all the beautiful women too.

These tweets are too good! They just show that instead of you owning a dog, the dog owns you. You would definitely go an extra mile just to make your doggo happy (just like it does for you). It’s not entirely a give and take relationship but they just make you wanna give all you have with their cuteness. Can’t, and don’t ever say no to that. Which is why you shouldn’t stop right now. Keep scrolling.

8. When you’re in a long-distance relationship but nothing can stop you.

via twitter

Being rooms apart is a long-distance relationship, right?

9. Do the right thing. Even when no one is watching…

via twitter

But the dog IS watching and it knows.

10. When you think he’s in love with you but he’s actually planning an act of revenge.

via twitter

Well, that escalated quickly…

11. Never get a girlfriend who doesn’t understand this…

via twitter

…never get a girlfriend in the first place, if you have a doggo.

12. When you spend all day preparing food for the king and forget you have children of your own…

via twitter

It has become a ritual!

13. Interviewer: ‘So how would you describe yourself?’ Me: ‘Definitely outgoing’. What I actually mean:

via twitter

Yeahhhh, that’s pretty accurate.

14. If you’re determined, nothing can stop you from achieving your dream. Your dream:

via twitter


We already know how adorable dogs are and they can easily make us laugh with their spontaneity. But oh well, these dogs tweets were hella good too. Definitely made us laugh and go ‘Yuppp, that’s me!’ every time. It’s almost like these tweets were tailor-made for all the dog lovers. What do you think? Share your favourite dog tweet in the comments. We’d love to see.

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