Adorable Kittens Growing Up To Beautiful Cats (35 Pics)

Adorable Kittens Growing Up To Beautiful Cats (35 Pics)

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  • 10 months ago
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Who doesn’t love watching their adorable little kittens grow into beautiful cats!?

When we bring home a small little kitten, we don’t treat them as an animal, we treat them like our own babies. We feed them, groom them, teach them many tricks and cuddle them to sleep. It appears as our lives would absolutely be nothing without our little furball. As they grow up, they would have clear preferences of food, what they like and what they don’t like, their space, moods and whatnot.

As the days would pass, you notice how your little furball, which used to fit into your palm grows up to become a full-grown cat who needs a comfy sleeping place of its own now. Little did we know that when they grow up, they will be the boss of us but hey, we love them bossing around too! Today, we came across a subreddit “From Kitten To Cat” which collects pictures of the journey of kittens to becoming a beautiful cat! A lot of people shared pictures of their little babies growing up and it’s adorable AF!

So, why don’t we make all the cat owners feel all nostalgic? But it isn’t only for the cat people! Even if you don’t have a cat, you are going to feel it too! Are you ready for it? Start scrollin’!

1. Rush Just Arrived Home And 8 Years Later…

2. He Was Born In A Bush In Our Backyard. The Day My Mom Brought Him Inside To 6 Years Later, Stache Man!


3. From Kitten To… Older Kitten: The Two-Month Transformation Of My Foster Baby, Rollie. She Was Approximately 2 Weeks When I Got Her (With Mama, Eyes Just Opened)


4. First Time In Her Cat Bed vs. 2 Years Later


5. From 2.1lbs To 10.8lbs, Axl Was An Adorable Tiny Underweight Kitten Who Grew Into My Big Handsome Boy!


6. There Was A Time When We Weren’t Sure If Nimbus Was Even A Cat. Here Is Her Successful Transformation From Crinkled Tissue To Fluffy Goddess


7. Miffy’s Transformation! He Recently Turned 1!


8. Concerned Shelter Kitten To Concerned Tall Boy (7yo)


9. Albie At 8 Weeks vs. Albie At 8 Months


10. At 2 Years Old She Is Still Sitting Like She Did As A Baby


If we had to sum-up a kitten in one sentence, it would be a living furball of cuteness! I mean, don’t we love when these cute little kittens meow at us? When they would take their baby steps and start licking our foot toes! God, that’s one of the best feelings ever! But all of a sudden, that little ball of fur turns out to be bigger and would stop fitting into your palm! How do they age so quickly?

To find it out, we decided to speak to Molly Devos who happens to be a certified feline behaviourist and also runs an agency named Behaviour Solutions. While talking to Molly, we came to know that her cat passed last year and she got a new kitten in June of last year, so 10 months later he seems huge to her – and he still has growing to do!

“A one-year-old cat is equivalent to a 15-year old teenager. Cats reach their full adult size at about 18 months to two years of age, but can continue to grow up to four years of age.”

11. He Likes To Cuddle My Neck Every Morning And Night, 8 Months Later And He Still Does It


12. Then And Meow


13. Mia & Pumpkin. Growing Up Together…

14. Piko. She Grew Into Her Bobblehead


15. After 2 Years


16. Found As A 4 Week Old Kitten Under The Hood Of My Car And Now The Sweetest Big Boy Ever, Here Is Figs


17. Honey From A Dehydrated, Dirty Bottle Baby To A Beautiful, Healthy Girl


18. My Baby Boy, The Day I Found Him And Now, 18 Months Later


19. 5wks, 11wks, And 16wks


Meanwhile, “a cat reaches social maturity between two and four years and this is when behavioral problems may develop,” warned Molly and added that “Interact aggression is the most common, as mature cats begin to seek dominance.”

If you feel like your kitten is growing too fast, you’re not alone. Molly said that “it seems like time is flying by when you watch a kitten develop.”

“They will double in size in the first week and gain about an ounce every two-to-three days. A kitten’s critical socialization period is between 2-7 weeks of age. In this short window of time, you want to expose your kittens to as many different stimuli as possible so they are not fearful of these things later in life.”

20. Please Meet Lucy. She’ll Be 12 Years Old This Year. We Found Her In A Dumpster At A Taco Bell


21. From Big Spoon To Little Spoon In 10 Months


22. The Evolution Of Eye Color (2-10 Months)


23. I Got My Cat Alfie When I Was 4 As A Gift On My First Day Of School And He Died When I Was 20. We Were Inseparable! I’m 27 Now And I Still Think Of Him All The Time. Until I See You Again My Boy


24. Bowie And Jimmy From Cute Babies To Angsty Teens


25. 3months To 11 Months. Nigel, Please Stop Growing


“By eight weeks the kitten should weigh enough to be spayed or neutered. Kittens will start to lose their baby teeth at about three months old and by the time they are 6-7 months of age, all 30 adult teeth will be in.”

And when it comes to a transformation, the biggest visible change you see in kittens is they grow into their heads. “Part of what makes them so cute is their big, round faces and eyes,” Molly said.

Moreover, “A kitten’s hyperactivity also starts to decrease at about eight months of age and usually by the time they are a year old they are seeking more cuddle time and less curtain climbing activities,” the cat behaviour expert explained.

26. Kitten To Cat & Baby To Kid


27. Like The Queen


28. Casper At 3 And 13 Weeks Old


29. 3months vs. 3 Yo


30. Started Life Lost In A Swamp, Now Cozy In A Christmas Sweater


31. Thor, Then And Now


32. Baby To Now


33. Bean Was A Microkitten. Here She Is At 8 Weeks vs. 5 Years. She Has Some Bone Deformities That Limit Her Front Leg Mobility And Is Still Under 6lbs


34. From A Little Floof To A Lot Of Floof


35. I Was Told To Post The Squid Here. As You Can See, He’s Always Been Fancy


36. Smile Stayed The Same. Size Not So Much


Well, we have reached the end of the post and we hope that you’ve had a great time while looking at these cute little kitties growing up! Made you feel nostalgic? We hope so! Why don’t you tell us which one did you like the most? Let us know into the comments section below!

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