17 Cats Who Stole Their Owner's Significant Others

17 Cats Who Stole Their Owner’s Significant Others

  • By Sara
  • December 23, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Cats are evil.

Any cat owner would agree with me on that. No, I do not hate cats. I have two cats myself, which is why I know exactly what they are like and what goes on in their heads. Cats love being the center of attention. They will do anything to catch people’s attention if the people are busy elsewhere. They can do this even in the middle of strangers. So their shenanigans never end. Your cat usually doesn’t play with you or cuddle up next to you randomly. You have to go through an entire process to gain their trust. However, have you ever introduced them to someone new and they instantly bond with the new person and you are just left thinking “What the hell just happened here?” Well, yeah. Cats do that. We will never understand why.

Cats love stealing our significant others from us. They aren’t even sorry about it. They will go cuddle up next to your boyfriend and give you the “look” from a few feet away. Cats know what they’re doing and they are enjoying it. Never happened to you? Let me show you a few examples. Scroll down below to see 17 cats who stole their owner’s significant others:

1. Get someone who looks at you the way this cat looks at that man.


2. “I think my cat stole my boyfriend from me”


3. Begging for attention.


4. They are doing couple selfies right.


5. Safe and sound in his arms.


6. The instant bond is always surprising.


7. What are you going to do about it?


8. She really adores him.


Well, I guess it is time to pack up your bags and move out because the cat has taken your place. Your boyfriend has found someone better and it is understandable if they pick the cat over you. It isn’t even an argument. The cat has already won. Just take what is left of your dignity and leave. Scroll down below for more boyfriend stealing cats:

9. Keeping her hands on what belongs to her.


10. She is giving you the “look.”


11. Just slowly back off and I won’t hurt you.


12. That satisfied grin.

13. Know your place.

Daisy and my boyfriend, with Daisy asserting her role as his true girlfriend, lol. The look she gave me! from r/aww

14. He is long gone.

My boyfriend and his best girl Bitey making sure I know I’m the side chick from r/aww

15. Yeah, this seat is taken. So is your man. Move on.

Thought I’d roll over and cuddle with my boyfriend this morning. Spot was already taken. from r/aww

16. Why are you still there?

My boyfriend and my cat… a match made in heaven from r/aww

Has your cat ever replaced you? How did you deal with it? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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