11 Adorable Photos Of Sleeping Cats That Will Make You Go Awe

11 Adorable Photos Of Sleeping Cats That Will Make You Go Awe

  • By Malaika
  • 4 weeks ago
  • 3 minutes read

What is more heartwarming than watching a cat sleep?

Nothing even if Edward Cullen says otherwise. We say this in the most non-weird way possible but the best pictures come out when your cat is sleeping. because we all know how much cats love to run around when we are trying to take a snap of them to go viral on the Internet. And even if they act like proper demons when awake from clawing at your new furniture to breaking every expensive vase you have.

They do look like proper angels when they’re sleeping. And we fall in love even more. They clearly know this and are aware we can never anger our real masters. So that is why we have decided to honor our cat lords by compiling adorable pictures that will make anyone want to get a cat as soon as possible. Scroll on below and take a look for yourself.

#1 These two siblings can never sleep alone.

Via u/asadwan

#2 The salmon-colored blanket sure does look comfy.

Via Pinterest

#3 After all the hard work of tearing everything up, she needs a nap.

Via Brightside

This is my mom’s cat, Smokey. I and my roommates found her and her brother Bandit when they were two weeks old behind a dumpster and bottle-fed them. Then my mom took her at 7 weeks. I’m surprised this is still circulating.

#4 The little spoon is having the time of their life.

Via Flickr

#5 I wonder what dreams are circulating within her mind right now.

Via Buzzfeed

#6 How can anyone look away from this beautiful sight?

Via Etsy

There is actually a reason why some cats cuddle each other. It points to them being friends and it also means that they trust each other which is always a good sign. Some also do it with their humans because they seek protection and warmth.

#7 Mama cat will do anything for her baby kitten.

Via Imgur

#8 When you need to have a little stretch while sleeping.

Via Kitty Sensations

#9 I think the big spoon is waking up.

Via Wattpad

Do animals feel the “falling asleep” sensation that humans feel on their limbs? I bet that cat has it. –LoneDirewolf

#10 This one even has a little bed made specifically for him.

Via Kitty Sensations

#11 Are those lovely hearts just radiating off him or am I seeing things?

Via Fine Art America

What position does your cat sleep in? Let us know in the comments.

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