Hilarious Pics Of Cats Who “Love” Plants A Little Too Much

If you’re a cat person, you probably already own a cat. And, by now you have realised one thing; cats and plants are not something you can have together.

Plants are fun to have. In fact, they are beneficial! Nature has always been a source of relaxation for many people. It’s only fair for them if they bring in the nature at home. And having them at home is actually a very good thing and here’s why; plants are known to reduce your stress and protect you from infections and diseases because they eliminate air pollutants. Shockingly, they are even capable of boosting your mood, and help you increase creativity. Plants are also known to increase your productivity and concentration. Factually speaking, plants also act as a therapeutic tool because taking care of a plant makes people happy! However, out little buddies don’t like that. Or maybe, they love plants as much as we do.

It is a lesser known fact that cats ruin plants. People often blame other things when their plants die but in reality, it’s their very own buddies who do that. Let us show you a few examples before we continue! Scroll down and see;

1. “He won’t let me grow any onions”

Via u/Icetyy

What sorcery is this? Things growing from dirt?! I do not understand and I do not approve.

2. “I can see I’m about to have a problem”

Via u/letitburn22

It’s only a matter of time.

3. “I honestly have no clue who planted a kitty plant here”

Via u/yanaxcharles

Whoever it was, good job!

4. “I was wondering why this plant was dying….”

Via u/AKtricksterxD

Human, I was wondering the same thing! That is exactly why I came to check.

5. “At least she doesn’t eat it”

Via u/jkonka

Yep, wait for it though.

6. “Henry knocked my plant off to make room for butt licking”

Via u/_bluethroughyou

This cat has his priorities straight.

7. “I was wondering why my succulents were dying…”

Via u/Sevendevils777

I am only trying to give them company! No need to overreact human.

8. I have absolutely no idea who did that.

Via Unknown

I only heard the loud noise and came running like you – This cat.

9. “Good morning”

Via u/Lampedeir

Sorry human, they were blocking the sunlight.

10. “He already broke two flower pots… and it’s not even our cat”

Via u/RandomRussian13

Too late now. It is your cat.

11. “Oh! What a lovely little garden! Be a shame if someone were to…*crush them all*”

Via u/Anonymousopotamus

A bed and a pillow plus the sun. Perfect spot!

It’s pretty evident that cats love plants. Either as much as we do, or maybe more. So much so that they can’t leave them alone. We wonder if it’s because they love playing with dirt or is it the taste of the plants, or the smell. Guess we can never be too sure. But how can we ever be mad at these little adorable creatures who don’t know any better. They probably think they are giving the plants some company or they are an edible. Their innocence is adorable.

12. “Can’t have nice things”

Via u/penguinitoloco

Well, at least you tried.

13. “Who needs flowers anyways.”

Via u/DrPepperNotWater

But you did grow a cat. Isn’t that amazing, too?

14. “I think it’s safe to say that my lemon thyme is dead”

Via u/NachoBorracho69

What do you mean lemon thyme? This is my new sofa.

15. “Got my first succulent. It lasted 8 hours.”

Via u/mandalababee

Look at these kitties pretending like nothing happened.

16. Your plant has bloomed into a cat.

Via r/AnimalsBeingJerks

There you go. You’ve found a soulmate.

17. Wait for it…,

Via r/AnimalsBeingJerks

And there’s your culprit.

18. “New bed”

Via u/Makaveli1992

Don’t you mean new flowers?! Clearly it’s a cat flower.

19. “Once my cat discovered the catnip plant, he murdered it within a week.”

Via u/frosty_arugula21

It’s too delicious to resist.

20. “Tried to time-lapse my flowering succulent. Didn’t last very long.”

Via u/a-nice-egg

All good things must come to an end.

21. “Acting like there isn’t an entire plant hanging from her face smh”

Acting like there isn’t an entire plant hanging from her face smh from r/cats

Still going to pretend like it’s not me – Cat

22. “Got a notification that my camera detected a person. Not person, just my cat cromching on moms beloved plants”

Got a notification that my camera detected a person. Not person, just my cat cromching on moms beloved plants from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

Ohh, so that’s what it tastes like. Interesting!

Didn’t we tell you cat’s love plants? It’s only a matter of perspective. Cats don’t hate plants, they just want to protect, taste and smell. Plus you can’t blame them! Plants do make comfy sitting/resting/sleeping spots. Do you have cats who are a little too in love with plants? Share their pictures in the comments section below! Don’t forget to share this with all the cat lovers you know.

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