15 Cats Who Have Never Been Fed, According To Them

  • By Sara
  • November 20, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

You can never make a cat happy.

I could give up my life for my cat but she will still not be satisfied. Our furry feline friends never forgot that they were worshipped as gods in Egypt centuries ago, so they still carry that attitude wherever they go. They walk around our house like they own the place, and they do. You didn’t adopt the cat, the cat adopted you. You are now the kitty’s servant forever. So you must feed them, clean their litter, cuddle with them when they ask for it, and play with them whenever they feel like it.

If you have a cat at home, you would know that they are never happy with the amount of food you feed them. After an hour of their last meal, they will stare at their bowl like they have been starving for years. Scroll down below to see 15 cats that have never been fed (according to them):


1. “Why are my bowls empty?”

2. “All eyes on me as I go into the kitchen where rumour has it, there’s food in there.”

3. “Wasting away from 14 years of starvation”

4. “Weak from hunger. Never been fed. Mysteriously large, however.”

5. When you’re so chonky you can barely move.

6. Staring into your soul.

7. “Five years of starvation and cruelty has driven Meg to putting herself into a coffin.”

Do you see these unsatisfied faces? FEED THEM. Most cats are found to be overweight because their owners just can’t say no to them when they are demanding food. This can cause health problems for them. So no matter how much they meow at you, don’t give them more than their usual portion.

8. “This is how my cat sees himself in the morning before I give him food”

9. He has had enough of this life with all the starvation and cruelty.

10. “Cecil stares at an empty plate, longing for meals he’s never been given, wondering when his suffering will end”

11. “My Ted’s not angry about my starving him, just disappointed.”

12. I wonder what is in this bag that I have never before seen in my life.

13. “You’ve slept in 30 whole minutes, I’m seconds away from death.”

14. Mother has abandoned us.

15. “Madeleine can see the light. 11 years old and never fed once.”

Has your cat ever been fed? Do they throw tantrums as well? Share your stories with us in the comments below.

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