Cat Demands A Raise After Having Many Children And He's Being Reasonable

Cat Demands A Raise After Having Many Children And He’s Being Reasonable

  • By Malaika
  • 4 weeks ago
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We have quite the sad story here.

You see this Father has had many kids. And as we know taking care of children can be especially hard in these times of a bad economy. That is why there is no surprise this cat is asking for a raise from his employers. Just because cats can get their food and everything else from their hoomans doesn’t mean some cats don’t like to go out and work for their own money.

This Father cat is one of them. He will definitely not allow his kids to become the responsibility of someone else. And that is why he will teach his children to stand on his own feet or cuddle up to him in the sink. However, just having a raise doesn’t mean everything will go great in his life. After all, having a job and taking care of the kids is hectic work.

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How can anyone refuse him with that face?

This cat should also be given props for staying with his children and working hard for them because most male cats run at the first sign of responsibility.

If free to roam, the males usually leave the mother and kittens. At best, he will ignore them. There have even been occasions when the father attacked the mother because she smelled so different after giving birth. -Dr Houpt

And he isn’t lying either.

His wife clearly needed a break.

But her kids aren’t having it and have entered the sink.

This cat clearly needs a new sink, one with a door that can be locked with her paws. Because her eight children are making a mess of everything. As humans, we can certainly relate to this feeling.

The sink she thought was a child-free zone.

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