Naughty Cats Who Enjoy Ruining Their Owners' Lives (33 Pics)

Naughty Cats Who Enjoy Ruining Their Owners’ Lives (33 Pics)

To all the cat owners out there, gather please! After all those years of troubles your cat has caused you, we’d like to dedicate this post to you. You were God’s favorite when you got a cat and you are definitely special for bearing it all. These four-legged troublemakers that we’ve let in our houses are always acting up. Whether it’s day or night, they’re on their mission to ruin our lives…not literally of course! We love it. But sometimes, it just gets a bit too much. And too much cat nuisance will only make us fall in more love.

Now you see, cats are unpredictable. They are moody, full of curiosity and fur, active, and a little love too. They’ve literally got everyone on their toes around them. And being naughty is one of the many personalities of cats. Is a cat even a cat if it’s not naughty? Of course not. Some cats can cause so much trouble that they leave you with no choice but to punish them. For instance, a cat was sent to solitary confinement for letting other cats out of the shelter. What a menace! But trust us, he was not having it. But you can’t really do that to every cat you know. So you gotta go with the flow and accept the fact that they will continue to do what they’re doing.

So, we thought it would be great to share with you some of the naughtiest moments of cats that have left their owners in a fix. There’s no escape now. Not for them and not for you. We’ll let them deal with the cats and you, deal with these! Scroll below to see what we’re talking about.

1. Police, to my cat: ‘Were you in kitchen today?’ My cat: ‘No, why’d you ask?’

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‘Just wondering if you know anything about what ha-‘ NO!!!

2. “This is why we can’t have nice things”

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This cat can find anything to play with.

3. “Woke up at 4am to Max attempting to escape”

via u/mooncake968

Escape from Al’cat’traz has been postponed…

4. This cat’s grace: ‘Thank you for the food that I’m about to steal. I am truly grateful’ *attaccc*

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Guess who is sleeping on the floor tonight!

5. Steal food? No, I would never…

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Was just trying to rescue it.

6. Definitely not sorry.

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The cat must’ve missed Holly. That’s it.

7. “Breakfast was late.”

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So this cat had other arrangements. Nice.

8. “Our cat has discovered how to effectively wake us up again after being kicked out of our room.”

If my cat does this every morning, I’m keeping her in bed.

9. Always look for treasures in the litter box…

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You never know what you might find…

10. “Scone gnawed on each and every succulent leaf while we were asleep last night…”

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Pretty neat!

11. This sign is up for a reason.

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‘Who they talkin’ bout?’ No wayyy.

12. ‘What? I’m just hanging out.’

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Ohhhh, our bad. We’re truly sorry for assuming you were up to something.

13. Cat, You had one job.

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Annnd you did it!! *slow claps*

14. Don’t act hard. Act smart.

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Live by this motto and you shall succeed in life.

15. You wake up to this, what do you do? Clean it or leave it?

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Leave for the cat to clean the mess. Oh wait, then we’ll have to deal with cat’s mood for not cleaning it.

16. ‘Nobody touch. I eatz it all!’

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This cat has given ‘calling dibs’ a whole new level.

What in the world is happening? Are you sure these are just animals? We think they’re devils. Pretty cool how so much could go on in their little minds. If they can think of new ways to get in trouble then maybe they’re a lot smarter than we think they are. Or it could be that they’re plotting to kill us…Gotta keep 911 on speed dial. Anyways, we’re done talking here. Keep scrolling, there’s a lot more nuisance you don’t wanna miss.

17. Was it trying to play or really knocked it off?

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Guess we’ll never know..

18. ‘Wait, you’re home early?!!’

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‘I can explain..’ Yeah, you better start already. 

19. ‘Cats can be really finicky about cleanliness..’

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Well, that explains this.

20. Me: ‘the cat steals the bread’ They: ‘How’d you find out?’

Caught it bread-handed.

21. When your mom has been calling you downstairs for dinner and find the fastest way to get there…

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Guess what you’ll be getting for dinner…*SMACK*

22. When your mom refuses to give you any money, but you need it urgently…

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Nope, we are not mad!

23. ‘I saw it, I stole it.’

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The kitty just wanna have some string fun.

24. “Hot off the printer and look who was meowing at the door”

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‘Why don’t you explain where you went? Meowww

25. “When you’re being a pain in the ass and then you realize you’re on camera”

via u/unnaturalorder

Right when you see your mom coming towards you and you gotta pause hitting your sibling.

26. When will humans learn!!!

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Get your stuff out of their way. What part of it don’t you understand?

27. “She’s making this whole work from home thing pretty difficult”

”Give. Me. Attention!”

28. The love cats have for puzzles…

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Leaves us puzzled as well…really.

29. Don’t ask how or why.

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Just focus on what is being said.

30. When you’ve been a troublemaker since birth and you try to help once…

via ICHC

Here comes treble!

31. The ‘I didn’t do it’ look is in season..

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So every cat in town must give it a try. Sure, no problem.

32. One question: WHY?

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Somebody please stop the cats.

33. Well, here’s a great contribution by the cat…

via cheezbuger

‘Why you be so ungrateful, hoooman’

This is crazzyyyy! These cats have really caught us off guard. Pretty naughty for their tiny stature, huh? But whether they’re being moody, troublesome, or evil we still love our cats! They’re the best thing to walk on this planet. We’re sure you’ve had fun watching these cats secretly reveal their true selves that were caught on camera *oops*. Our job was to deliver these naughty cats to you and we think we’ve done it well. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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