Meet The Newly Adopted Cats & Dogs Of The Week

Meet The Newly Adopted Cats & Dogs Of The Week

  • By Saif
  • February 6, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

Happy Weekend Fellas!

We hope that you are having a good weekend but if you are not, looking at these newly adopted faces of the week is surely going to make you feel lighter and happier! Every week, we become overwhelmed by the beautiful stories that people share. These stories don’t fail to inspire us and feel good about the cuties who got adopted.

Our readers are well aware that we have always encouraged the practice of adopting rather than shopping. Nothing, we repeat absolutely nothing can be compared to the feeling of providing a new life to these voiceless creatures. We have massive respect for the people who adopt and provide a quality life to these little babies who had to go through so much in their life. And before we proceed, we would like to give those people a huge shoutout for making this world a better place to live in!

Now, we know you are being impatient to read the stories of those newly adopted faces. So, without any further ado, let’s scroll down and start reading those interesting stories while looking at the adorable pictures too!

1. “She was a feral kitten from the woods next to my house. No one wanted her, but I needed her. Meet Cleo, my new rescue kitty.”

Via u/Paprika420

Who wouldn’t want to adopt such a beautiful kitty! SMH..

2. “Adopted a cat”

Via u/creepyrob

Oh my, look at that gorgeous fur!

3. “Meet Tobi, my first cat ever”

Via u/indifferentcucumber

Toby is such a cutie!

4. “I’ve never had a proper dog pal until recently. Meet Arlo! My new tiny buddy”

Via u/_FulvousFox_

Arlo looks so happy!

5. “My wife and I saved this little girl tonight from the cold. She’s been eating out of our trash and hanging out around our house.”

Via u/BoojMaster

Much respect to you guys!

6. “Went to my local shelter to adopt a cat and this lovebug ran up to sit in my lap. She was found on a city sidewalk giving birth months ago. Her kittens have since been adopted but this mama cat has been living at the shelter. She arrived at my apartment-

Via u/postmodernkitty

Mama cat is absolutely gorgeous!

7. Bonus: “Took in this 15yo lady 6 months ago when the previous owners didn’t want her. With proper food and care she has gained over a pound and looks so much more healthy”

Via u/hiking_n_stuff

I don’t get it, how do people just abandon their pets? It’s ridiculous! But I’m glad she found her forever home and she looks gorgeous!

8. “3 days before I finally took her home..”

Via u/DragonAgeFenris

Awwieee… such a little baby!

9. “My first cat! Meet Basil”

Via u/eyeballqueen5

Basil is such a cool cat!

10. “Just adopted a puppy! Let me introduce you to Milo!”

Via u/phillystrong311

Milo appears to be a good good boy!

We are only halfway through and these stories are already inspiring us to adopt a pet! These people are the sole reason why we still have some faith in society. Keep scrollin’ until the end to read more amazing stories!

11. “I just adopted my first pet! This is Kisa, she is my emotional support animal. My bf and I discovered she’s a naturally cuddly kitty who loves pets! In only 3 days she’s made her own little nap spot on my bed, and we chill while I do homework. She’s also beautiful to boot!”

Via u/lnlyextrovert

Kisa has a very unique fur!

12. “His name is teddy”

Via u/Hornyredhead90

And teddy loves to sleep!

13. “Meet Buck, the newest member of our family.”

Via u/DustyBunny42

Oh God, that is such a cute outfit!

14. Bonus: “Adopted her 2 months ago, I think she finally adopted me back last night “

Via u/IsOneCrackRockEnough

Must be a heavenly feeling!

15. “It’s been one week since we adopted Billie and she just figured out that she can lay in the bed even when my partner and I aren’t sleeping. She hasn’t left the bed except when she hears us making food”

Via u/Infinite_Pension1733

Look at this one sleeping peacefully!

16. “My parents got their dog a puppy”

Via u/Punk_n_Destroy

That doggo be like, “This isn’t my son, guys!”

17. “Meet the newest member of my family, Perry. “

Via u/LA_babygirl

Haha, look at this cutest adoption!

18. Such a loveable kitty!

So apparently my brother adopted a stray cat and when I came to visit, he introduced himself before I could get into the house! from aww

How friendly!

19. Okay, this has to be the cutest thing I’ve seen today!

NEW FRIENDS! Video of my dog cuddling with my cat after we adopted him! from aww

Dog and cat friendships are breaking stereotypes!

And we have reached the end of this post! We hope that looking at these adopted pets inspired you to adopt one also and we also hope that you will be encouraging your friends and family to adopt and not shop! Let us know which one of these stories inspired you the most, into the comments section below!

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