15 Dog Posts From This Week That Made Internet A Wholesome Place

15 Dog Posts From This Week That Made Internet A Wholesome Place

Dog lovers, may we have your attention please?

Do you think you know everything about your puppers? Did you think cats are the only ones full of mysteries? Well, nope. There are a lot of facts about our puppers too, that you didn’t know about. Have you ever wondered why your doggo’s nose stays wet? It’s because it helps them to absorb scent chemicals! Also, did you know that all the puppies are born deaf and as they get older, they can hear 4 times better than humans?

Anyways, reading about these facts just makes us want to be a dog, doesn’t it? Their loyalty can never be questioned and our doggos would always be ready to give away their life to save yours. Would you do the same? We doubt that. However, today we are going to share a few interesting and hilarious dog posts with you which will help you get through the week! So, are you ready for it? Keep scrolling and let the joy ride begin!

1. Who remembers baby snoopy?


2. Don’t try this at home. Not every dog enjoys playing in the snow. ;p




4. “Hooman, I think we must go now”


5. HAHA this is hilarious AF!


6. Awww… look at that FACE!


7. I’m sorry, which one’s your dog again?


These dog posts just keep getting better and better, doesn’t it? Hey, did you know dogs don’t sweat? Yep! Instead, they pant to cool themselves out and that is why they don’t sweat! Amazing creatures they are, indeed. Let’s continue with the posts.

8. Golden retriever be like, “I’m getting out of here”

9. HAHA OMG I can’t stop laughing!

10. This dog is totally in love with the fishie!


got a pet fish and my dog is obsessed with it 😂❤️

♬ Alfalfa song – Collin

11. He’s lovin’ it!

12. Later on dad be like, “Hey, let’s go out have some fun!”

13. Stella be like, “what the hell is that thing and why are you watching that, hooman?”

14. This is so cute!


what even is that face😂😂😂. I promise I pet her after I made this video. #doggo

♬ dont pet challenge – The Real Cooper

Ah, those were some refreshing posts, right? We hope that it was enough to make you last this week until we come up with new dog posts for you! Let us know which one did you like the most, in the comments section below.

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