Photographer Takes Pictures Of ‘Dogs in Action’ & The Result Are Mesmerizing

Dogs, being themselves, love to play. They can play with almost anything and everything. Whether it is a simple stick or a ball, they’d be down to run any distance to catch it. But most importantly, their favorite thing to play with is you. Yes, you! If they have the chance to play with something for the rest of their lives, we kid you not it would be their favorite hooman. God bless their precious souls! But lets get something straight. Dogs aren’t something that can be paid to do anything for us. You throw a stick, they happily bring it back to you. That’s the usual. Sometimes we gotta spice things up a bit…just for their sake.

We’re talking about your dog and a Frisbee. Have you EVER seen a dog play with a Frisbee before? If yes, your eyes have been blessed. If not, we’re about to do that. But these aren’t some basic Frisbee moments, they’re special. They’re special because they feature Dogs In Action by photographer Claudio Piccoli. He originally comes from Italy and has captured some of the most memorizing moments of dogs playing Frisbee. He has shared online that he “originally got into dog photography because of {his} passion for dogs first.” And his passion for dogs can be clearly seen through his photos.

Scroll below to see some of the greatest moments of dogs caught in action.

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1. Dog and the goblet of fire!

10,000 treats for Gryffindorrrr

2. Those teeth could kill.

Pretty amazing, huh?

3. Small dog, big moves!

‘I believe I can flyyyy’

4. Just catching a Frisbee in comfort.

Seems effortless for this dog.

5. This little dude has no chill…

He gotta play it ruff!

6. We’re in complete awe of this beauty!


Flying has never been a problem for this dog.

7. Someone’s determined!

After all, it’s the Frisbee that he’s after. No joke about that!

8. This dog has some serious athletic skills


It is absolutely astonishing what these canines can do.

Woah! Somebody needs to take it from here because we’re done. WE. ARE. DONE!! Not literally, of course. This is just too beautiful to handle. These moments have come out to be incredible. And we absolutely love it. There are more of these in case you’re wondering. So keep going.

9. A beautiful dog in a beautiful sunset

What a delight to the eyes!

10. Love is in the air…

or maybe it’s just the Frisbee.

11. But..where’s the Frisbee here?

Ohhh. Mistakenly took that Frisbee for the dog’s tongue. Our bad.

12. Another acro-dog makes it to the list…

Hey you! Yeah You. You’re awesome.

13. Up..up..and away!

‘Oh my beautiful Frisbee’

14. Look at this pup floating in air…

Can’t escape the pup-arrazi.

15. This Frisbee gets a 10/10

So does this dog!

My my my! Now did you see that? Who would’ve thought our little dogs could look that beautiful flying. No one right? Is it the dog that’s beautiful or the mad skills that the photographer possess? Hard to tell. We guess we’ll give them both for this. We’re sure you agree with us that these pictures were not just good. They were breathtaking. We’re totally impressed. Are you? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones!


Picture Credits: claudiopiccoliphotographer

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