30 Hilarious Snapchats That Show What It's Like To Live With Cats

30 Hilarious Snapchats That Show What It’s Like To Live With Cats

  • By Malaika
  • July 15, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Living with a cat is the best. 

They not only wake you up early in the morning they will also not let you spend a lot of time on the toilet browsing through Facebook. They will also help you eat less because they tend to steal food right from under your nose. And if that hasn’t already convinced you to get a cat, I don’t know what to say.

However, I do have a few Snapchat stories about cats that will make you want to adopt one right away. Other than their shenanigans that are bound to make you smile even when you’re feeling down. Cats also know when you’re trying to take a picture of them so they can run away at that exact moment.

At least these Snapchat images were captured at just the right moment.

Source: Instagram

#1 Cat fur everywhere you look.

#2 He knows what he is doing.

#3 He wanted to be the only one.

#4 She is just trying to warm the bed for the big fellow.

#5 I think they are more than just getting along.

#6 Are we sure there isn’t a fan in front of him?

#7 Cats are the best at removing pests from the house.

#8 ‘Why is it so dark hooman?’

#9 When you finally get what you want.

#10 The other kitty is not impressed with the voice.

#11 Of course blame it on the adorable kitty.

#12 I wonder where he was all this time.

#13 No love is purer than a cat’s love.

#14 ‘I am not going to listen to you anyway.’

#15 Damn where can I get a rainbow kitty?

Cats have become the bane of the Internet. If there is a video of a cat, there are sure to be millions of views. After all, there is a reason there are so many Instagram of only cats. Cats know how to get famous on the Internet and we as their butlers are here to serve.

#16 I think I am going into shock because of cuteness overload.

#17 I’ve never seen a loaf so delicious.

#18 ‘Where the food at?’

#19 Are you sure it isn’t flannel day?

#20 ‘One day I will eat all the fish hooman!’

#21 I’ve never seen a more surprised expression on a cat.

#22 ‘I can taste the happiness.’

#23 That is a mood to be honest.

#24 How can you not get distracted by that face?

#25 Are we sure we aren’t looking at a rug?

#26 The purry king to be exact.

#27 When you have to go barefoot because your date is short.

#28 I aspire to have this much confidence in life.

#29 Or she is trying not to tear up because of the onions.

#30 I really hope scar doesn’t come along.

What did you think of these adorable Snapchats? Do you post a lot about your cat on Snapchat as well? If so why not let us know in the comments below.

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