People Are Posting Unflattering Photos Of Their Cats

People Are Posting Unflattering Photos Of Their Cats

  • By Saif
  • October 29, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Welcome, cat owners!

Do you have a death wish or something that you decided to click on this article? Even if you have decided to see what it’s about, kindly make sure that your cat (if you own one) is not in sight. If you don’t have one, then you are free to enjoy it. Why do we have to make sure that your feline isn’t around while you scroll through this article? Imagine it this way, how would you feel if your friends or family uploads the ugliest pictures of you on Facebook and then they tag you? You’d be furious, wouldn’t you? That’s why.

If you do not own a cat, have you ever come across a phone’s gallery of a person who has one? I mean, more than half of their gallery has been filled with aesthetic pictures of their adorable little felines. Cat owners would always keep an eye for the perfect moment to be captured of their furry little friends so that they can share it with the world. But it would be fair to say that not all the pictures that we capture turn out to be all aesthetic and great. Some of the pictures are just for fun purposes and should not be shared with anyone as they can be embarrassing.

So, someone decided to start a new challenge on Twitter on which the people would share the most embarrassing and ugliest pictures of their cats with the hashtag #unflatteringcatphotochallenge. Whoever started this, should stay behind locked doors as the felines just might choke that person to death in his sleep but oh boy, this is nothing less than a treat to watch. It’s way too hilarious.

Are you ready for the ride then? Start scrolling, what are you even waiting for?

1. Oh, that poor little thing!

via: BlueMaster420

“Wait, what? What are you trying to do hooman? I can’t see properly”

2. That hairstyle is BADASS!

via: Titmousie

Looks like one of those fat kids who eat doughnuts and bully other kids from school.

3. That is not embarrassing though…

via: kyleyewest

But you tried your best to “frame” your cat.

4. Back from the dead.

via: bonnieandclyde_tux_cats


5. OMG, that reminds me of that dog from the cartoon “Whacky Races”

via: bijal_shah

Muttley, was the dog’s name. Google it up!

6. Damn, I am digging that kitty!

via: TheBloggess

She is full of mischievous acts.

7. That booty though.

via: velociraptisart

“Why are you taking a picture of my booty, hooman?”

8. Yoga? Nope. Grooming sessions? YES!

via: Titmousie

That is one hilarious sight though!

9. Maybe he was trying to pull off a break-dace move?

via: LucyATD

But no, you only think of yourself, hooman1

10. Whenever I open my camera:

via: gattocciao

My bigass nose comes in first.

11. Someone show this picture to butch from “Tom & Jerry” & watch him howl at that picture.

via: kittysmith_

Oh, mamma!

12. Now THAT is embarrassing AF!

via: ViewBrit

“Get me out of here hooman, wtf?”

13. Or maybe Freyja is performing an opera?

via: VikingJen

I can already hear her sing!

14. Stella is tired of your shit, hooman.

via: paperbkpunkrock

Stella be like, “when will this lockdown end so she can go to work or something?”

15. When I’m mad and hungry at the same time:

via: TracyBurkettt

I am mad but I also want to eat the food aggressively.

Yes, we can hear you laugh your ass off while enjoying these incredibly hilarious pictures. But it doesn’t end here, there are a lot more in the store for you. So, we suggest that you keep on scrolling and once again, make sure your kitty isn’t around for this. 😉

16. Damn, they surely had a great party!

via: Ninja9044

Look at those intoxicated eyes!

17. That’s a nice couch you got there. Oh, wait…

via: penny.fold

Please lose some weight, kitty!

18. Miep looks like that old man who’s trying to get up to look for the TVs remote.

via: BxPersonified

And Wendell has no clue about what’s going on.

19. This could have been an incredibly cool picture. How?

via: Ghostmouse8

Paint fire on your cats face and damn, it would be the perfect Halloween getup!

20. That is such a cute and hilarious reaction!


Imagine that face asking these questions and it gets more hilarious. “Can I get down on the floor now? No? Why? What did I do? Why Not? What’s up?”

21. Is it just me or did you visualize Badrock laughing in the first picture?

via: MannedMissionToTheMoon

Badrock is truly an evil cat.

22. That facial expression though.

via: dameedithevans

But why do you gotta overfeed your cat?

23. A vampire cat? There it is.

via: neko_no_kaachan

Run for your life, hooman!

24. I have always wanted to see a possessed kitty.

via: d.k.foreman

And there it is.

25. Unflattering picture challenge or Halloween’s favourite challenge?

via: rikkelmania

That’s going to give us nightmares.

26. When someone cracks a joke which isn’t funny but you still laugh cause you’re humble.

via: nattydelightful

It’s okay, I’ll put a smile for you.

27. Now that is one of the most legit contenders of this challenge, we believe.

via: tibbers_the_mountain

Caught off-guard.

28. By looking at his face, Hanks is the perfect name for him.

via: Kim Hazlewood

I always imagine fat guys when I hear the name “Hank”.

29. When I have to wake up early:

via: HollidaysStache

“Get off my face, hooman!”

30. Siriusly? He’s so cute!

via: 123LSM123

“Welcome to my new house, hooman. Would you like to join?”

And we are finally done. Did you make it out alive? If yes, we would like to know if you have been able to capture embarrassing pictures of your felines? If you have, we would like you to share it with us because that is the kind of entertainment we live for!

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