10+ Good Doggos Who Are Just Really Proud Of Their Work

  • By Sara
  • May 12, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Dogs are, no doubt, man’s best friend.

They are with us in all walks of life. If you decide to adopt a dog, they will dedicate their whole lives to you. They will love and protect you at all costs. Never question a dog’s loyalty. To them, you are all they have i.e, their family, friend, and caretaker. So do not for a second doubt that they will ever abandon you. If they are putting so much on the table, the least you can do is love them back the same and appreciate them.

Dogs have been known to help humans for ages now. They are not just loyal, they are also very smart. Research proves that an average dog is as smart as a two-year-old baby. It can learn up to 250 words and commands. And we are just talking about AVERAGE dogs for now – intelligent dogs can do much more. That’s why we have dogs assisting us in public services. Here are 10+ good doggos who are really proud of their work:

1. These therapy dogs are waiting to be let into the hospital rooms to comfort sick children.

2. It is this adorable doggo’s first day working at the airport.

3. This dog is really good at sheep herding.

4. Arthur and his friends calming down university students who are stressed due to exams.

5. “My local baseball team has a dog that retrieves thrown bats.”

6. Just another day in the life of Ava the rescue dog in Northern Arizona.

7. Elvis can tell if a polar bear is pregnant by sniffing its poop with 97% accuracy.

8. Scout donates blood to save the lives of her friends.

9. “My good boy is doing a check-in during class.”

10. Indie the sheepherder likes resting on her soft friends.

11. Max can detect a person’s blood sugar according to their scent.

12. This is Sampson. As you can see by his protective clothing, he is a researcher’s service dog.

Dogs are not just our best friends, they can be our heroes too. Dogs have provided us with their services in many ways. They have been available to us as therapy dogs, service animals, and also lend our police officers a hand. Their keen senses also help in detecting drugs and explosives. We owe a lot to these wonderful doggos.

13. These are explosive-detecting dogs. The two black dogs are retiring and this is their retirement party.

14. “My sister-in-law’s service dog, Chicory, has attended every class with her as she pursued her master’s degree. This weekend, he gets to walk across the stage too.”

15. Sunny can detect oncoming seizures for his owner.

16. “I trained this good boy for Guide Dogs for the Blind and he’s a working man now.”

17. Oliver cheers up people at the airport.

18. Emma has a job in a bookstore in Munich. She says hello to the customers by giving a welcoming bark.

19. “My local hardware store has a dog that follows you around and takes your items to the counter for you.”

20. This dog was covered with ticks and abandoned at a carport. Her dream has now come true as she is a dog treat taste tester.

21. They can sniff bad guys a mile away!

22. Stanley hunts truffles.

23. Jax is the official stamp-licker at this post office.

24. Exciting new first day at the police department!

Do you have any good boys in your life? How have they helped you in life so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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