A Man Made His Wife Choose Between Her Dogs & Him, And She Chose Dogs

  • By Saif
  • April 15, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

What would you do if you had to choose between your dogs and your partner?

Can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like, right? Especially if you are a die-hard dog lover! Today, we stumbled upon a story of a lady who got caught in a similar situation and she opted to stay with the dogs, of course! But it’s still a very critical decision and what made her take it? Well, this story isn’t anything conventional and truly an inspiration for all the dog lovers out there!

The lady named Liz Haslam loves to take care and protect the dogs that are in need. That’s what she describes as true happiness! The amount of love and gratitude she gets in return from these pups simply cannot be explained into words and most importantly, not everyone can understand that. It would be fair to say that Liz won’t change this for anything or anyone in the world.

So, let’s get to the story now. It started off with Liz getting married to a guy who she thought is the love of her life. Below is the picture of Liz and her Partner.


Liz was 16 when she met Mike and fell in love with him. They got married as soon as they finished high school. After the marriage, Liz abandoned her parent’s house and moved into Mike’s place in the English countryside in a 2 bedroom house next to a large rural garden in Barnham, Suffolk. Not only did they stayed married for about 25 years but also had a child named Ollie. But it’s extremely sad to see that none of these elements could save the marriage from falling apart in a blink of an eye.

“Moment of decision”

Turns out, one day Mike got extremely frustrated and decided to confront Liz while being extremely inconsiderate about her feelings. “My husband said: It’s either the dogs or me.” Since that moment I have neither seen nor heard from him, she declared.

But wait a minute, how can this be a reason, right? Well, the actual reason was that Liz thought that she has enough space to start a business and do what she loves! She started a foundation named Beds for Bullies for Bull Terriers which would serve as a shelter for the dogs in need. Despite knowing the fact that she won’t be able to fill her pockets, she knew that her heart is going to be filled with lots of love! Her husband, Mike, started to feel that their relationships have started to revolve around the dogs and it had many medical and behavioural issues that prevented them from being relocated to new homes.

Ever since Liz was a little girl, she had an immense love for dogs!


Even though Mike knew Liz’s obsession and passion for dogs, he still felt overwhelmed by it as if he didn’t know about it before. Liz’s mother raised West Highland Terriers, and her father used to own an animal feed company. “I thought that, after 25 years, he should’ve known that giving up dogs was not a part of my intentions, not at all. He knew from the moment we got married what I was all about. I don’t know what he expected,” Liz confessed.


Anyways, the thing is, we can’t judge Mike or any other person who don’t love dogs because it’s their choice and neither can we expect them to understand if someone has immense love for dogs. So, Liz and Mike decided to part their ways in a healthy manner after their priorities changed.

“We drifted apart. He was very busy with work, and he didn’t give me a chance. I didn’t want to be the woman married to a workaholic, so I took refuge in those who gave me love: my dogs,” Liz explained.


Liz’s passion for dogs was beyond Mike’s understanding. As Liz says, “My passion for dogs was too huge for Mike.” Looking after 30 dogs that require medical attention and also plenty of affection, certainly isn’t an easy task! Liz spends around 18 hours a day taking care of her dogs. She takes them out for a walk and spends hundreds of dollars on their medicines and treatments. A true animal lover? We bet!


Beds for Bullies is working great. It’s a charity “that relies mostly on donations” and on a small business that offers accommodations for pets whenever their owners go on vacation. Liz also welcomes rescued puppies that have been rejected by other shelters. She has admitted over 200 rescued dogs over the years and continues to house more.

Liz with her adorable puppers!

© Bedsforbullies Sanctuary – LTC with TLC / Facebook

This whole situation has didn’t just left the family with a veterinary invoice of almost $4,500 but also forced Liz to live in a tent for a while because she wasn’t able to pay her rent. However, Liz managed to step up and she couldn’t be happier: “I’ve chosen to do this, and I love it,” she shared.

Isn’t that incredible? We have absolutely no words to describe Liz’s passion for dogs and these are exactly the type of people who deserve the pure love of dogs! Let us know what did you think of the story in the comments section below.

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