Collection Of Cute And Funny Cats That’ll Warm Your Heart

  • By Sara
  • February 23, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Cats make everything better.

If you have a cat at home, you know that you can never stay upset for too long when your furry friend is around. You forget all your stress and worries when you are absorbed in your cat’s shenanigans and spend half of your time running after them in the house. They do cause chaos and wreck things but you can never stay too mad at them. They will look at you innocently and make you forget you were ever angry at them. That is the beauty of having a cat. They become a part of your family. You have free entertainment at home and you will never get bored.

Cats are the best remedy for boredom or a bad mood. So if you were feeling a little low, we have the right thing for you. Scroll down below for a hilariously adorable compilation of cute and funny cats that will warm your heart:

“I love black cats”

Via u/i-like-to-be-wooshed

“Trying to explain they can’t have Mac n cheese because they’re lactose intolerant”

Via u/Everythingvanishes

“Have a nice day!”

Via u/sopadebombillas

“I’m a vet and between the stress and sadness it can sometimes bring I also get cuddles from cuties like this too”

Via u/Pie_thagorus

“Happy New Year! This guy was adopted in 2020, so he had a fantastic year!”

Via u/EastCoastBeachGirl88

“Covid was not a factor when I adopted her in ‘19. Then it happened and boy am I glad I had her. She was my silver lining on the dark clouds of 2020. Yoda!”

Via u/yoda_the_catto

“Photo by my dad”

Via u/__imallana

“Now I would normally NEVER wear real fur, but this neck warmer (peach) was just too cute to resist..”

Via u/Fendi620


Via u/liefieblue

“My 4 rescue cats posing for an album cover. Each one has a unique story.”

Via u/mdfcw

“And you said I wouldn’t fit. You utter fool.” -Lulu

Via u/PurrfectClowder

What would we do without cats? Honestly, once you start living with a catto you just can not go on without them. I have two cats and I miss them all the time when I’m away from home. Whenever I am at work I just imagine how it would finally feel when I get home and cuddle up with my cat. They really are blessings for us. Scroll down below to see the rest of the funny and adorable cats:

“2007 v 2020. My boy is getting old but he’s still spry and happy”

Via u/DragonRider001

“I think puppies are really cute, however…”

Via u/kai-ote

“I can’t stop taking photos of her”

Via u/nocuddlingallowed

“I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of having a tiny cat couch”

Via u/Lions–teeth

“Just a feral girl who isn’t feral any moreVia u/Lsdstd.”

Via u/Lsdstd

“I feel like it should be made illegal to be *this* cute”

Via u/Ninnino07

“My bf sent me a picture of my cat when I was at work, I thought you would appreciate it too”

Via u/CircleGlassedClerk

His name is Biscuit.

I built my cat an igloo. He was not impressed. from r/cats

When you try to get the last Pringle

what are you doing from r/cats

What a beautiful baby.

Found her at my job. Poor thing was starving, and drinking out of the community pool. So my coworkers and I gave her tuna and later fresh water. from r/cats

How dare you?!

She’s not a morning cat. from r/cats

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