10 Dog Breeds Mixed With Huskies That Are Too Adorable

  • By Saif
  • October 7, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Husky fans, this one is for you!

Husky is a well-known breed and certainly one of my most favourites. Due to its intelligence, workaholic-ness, never-can-die attitude, and showing keen endurance, they are widely famous. They are dogs with beautiful and striking eyes. No doubt that they are very enchanting, elegant and known to be natural leaders. Breeding dogs is not a new concept. And when we talk about breeding, is there a cuter mixed breed than a Husky mix? Well, I don’t think so!

As time passes, husky dogs are becoming more popular and breeding them is also becoming more popular. Also, it won’t come out as a surprise that a large number of dogs have been bred with this loyal and energetic breed. I mean, we have always wanted to see a cross of Husky and other breeds.

So, in this article, we have a collection of pictures which are a result of mixing a husky gene with a pug, border collie, shepherd, beagle, poodle, corgi and other breeds. Breeding a Husky doesn’t alter one really significant feature which is, it’s the bright blue eyes! There is no lie when I say that whatever dog you breed husky with, the end result will always be a beautiful and smart little pup! Scroll down and watch for yourself!

1. What do you think about a Beasky? Mixture of Husky and a Beagle!

You will fall in love with this innocent face in no time!

2. Breeding Husky and Border Collie will give you a loyal and incredible family pet! You can call it Bordsky.

Merging the blood of border collie and husky produces this stunning pooch!

3. This not so common hybrid is called a Boxsky!

Boxer mama and Husky dada produced this charming Boxsky!

4. A combination of intelligence and toughness, Busk Terry!

DNA of a Husky and Bull Terrier combined! Dayum, he looks one badass dog!

5. Presenting you our leedul wolf-like Huskita!

The above breed is due to mixing up the Husky and Akita, which produces the beautiful Huskita.

6. How adorable is this good boy! Let’s call him Shepsky.

When you mix up the DNA of a husky and German Shepherd!

7. This little bubba Huskweiler requires continuous attention and love!

The intimidating look of Rottweilers and pointy ears of Husky including the beautiful eyes! What more can one ask for!?

8. The Malhuskmut is a beautiful combination of the Husky and Malamute.

Can’t keep my eyes off this endearing canine!

9. Pomsky here definitely looks like the dog of your dreams!

This breed is also known as the Pomeranian Husky. Isn’t she a little beauty queen?

10. Presenting you husky & shepherd mix aka Shepusky!

These lovely pups are affectionate and will shower you with endless love!

Dog breeding can give rise to some very affectionate and intimidating pooches! The breeding process can give us the best of both worlds! What do you think about breeding and these very charming hybrids that we mentioned above? Which one did you like the most and why? Let us know about your opinions in the comments section below!

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