Pictures of 22 Cats Showing Their Human Who’s The Boss In The House

  • By Umer R
  • August 3, 2021
  • 6 minutes read

Oh, look what do we have in here! We are about to learn the very basics of having a cat today. Doesn’t matter whether you already have a cat or thinking to get one, there are a few things which you MUST know about these mischievous little creatures as there’s a lot more than just the endless cuteness! Before we even proceed, we’d like to say that without a doubt having these fluffy little angels in our lives isn’t anything less than a huge blessing!

So, first thing’s first, when you get a cat, you should never underestimate the fact that they are majestic creatures and superior than us. Secondly, you must always pay attention to them otherwise be ready to face their wrath! And last but not the least, you must start believing that cats are the boss of our house, our lives and not just that, the whole universe is supposed to bow in front of them. Sounds too much? Not at all! What you get in return is their love, affection, and above all, you will get the title of the “chosen one” just like we saw in the movie, The Matrix.

Also, cats are known to be very moody, independent and mysterious. They will make you weak in the knees by intriguing you with their fluffiness and would enjoy all the attention you’d give to them BUT god forbid if they are not in the mood, prepare yourself to be scratched mercilessly because of course, you cannot even touch the master if they don’t want to allow it. We believe that the cat owners can totally relate to it but for the people who don’t own any cats yet, we have managed to get some proofs for you which will convince you to believe that this isn’t a myth! Scroll down and see for yourself;

1. “I just figured out what’s wrong with my router now. Sorry, internet company, I thought it’s you.”

via © MademoiselleWhy / reddit

2. “I couldn’t figure out why the fabric felt wet but he’s got the thread running through his teeth as I sew — that’s my cat, cleaning his teeth while I’m busy with work.”

via © KellyGreen55555 / reddit

“I’m helping you, hooman! You better feel blessed.”

3. Here’s a picture of my friend’s cat who loves to sit on her head because of course, cat is the boss.

via © funnyfacehehe / reddit

4. Can’t resist the cuteness, right? But your majesty just isn’t in the mood so you are just gonna have to resist!

via © AlmightyOne23 / reddit

5. “What makes you think you can sit on this chair, hooman? Don’t ever think of prioritizing your own comfort above mine!”

via © Wildwildworld / pikabu

6. “So my cat stood on the dryer, tore the wreath down, made a bed, and now just purring away.”

via © spineofgod9 / reddit

Can we even complain about it? Nope, we cannot!

7. “Well, every morning he blocks the door and only budges when you throw him a couple of treats.”

via © FatBryatt / reddit

And you thought you can just roam around freely?

8. Didn’t know they were giving away free cats with the grocery? Hmm. Nice touch!

via © kingonxhe / reddit

9. “I’m sorry, were you planning to cook without my permission?”

via © FatBryatt / reddit

10. Here’s my cat Messi, photobombing my friend on the day of her bridal shoot!

via © DressageDiva2You / reddit

And we can see that he doesn’t even care.

11. Just trying to give some cuddles to my cat and…

via © Wildwildworld / pikabu

Do you see the reason why did we warn you beforehand? You must obey and follow the rules that we mentioned otherwise just be prepared to face their wrath. Also, keep struggling to become the “chosen one” because once you do, it’s certainly one of the best feelings in the world! Let’s continue with the pictures now, shall we?

12. Look at this tiny little thing!

via © defectiveintellect / reddit

13. “Every time I try to play the Sims…”

via © Almost_a_Full_Moon / reddit

Cats be like, oooh, this is gonna be interesting!

14. “My cat loves to shred toilet paper. Today, she found my entire stash.”

via © skank__hunt / reddit

We can totally see on her face. Ah, such evil!

15. Here’s my cat Tauntaun who just decides to sit on top of me when I’m asleep.

via © tylerlerler / reddit

16. Well, my cat has numerous of places to sit but he decided to settle for a plate. Amazing, right?

via © Slamtastick / reddit

17. “I’ve been sleeping the whole time, what happened, hooman? Anything wrong?”

via © Bakeneko / pikabu

18. “Your AC isn’t working, hooman. Must get it fixed!”

via © Savannaman1 / pikabu

19. When a cat’s hungry, even the snow can’t stop her from eating!

via © zlocia / pikabu

20. My cats planning a murder.

via © ismphoto123 / reddit

“Pssh, what do you say? Should we kill her tonight?”

21. “She has an $80 cat bed, and yet she’s been sleeping in this bag for 2 days now and won’t get out.”

via © katherinetori / reddit

A cat sits wherever they want and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

22. My cat controlling my brain.

via © DiMoS1988 / pikabu

We almost forgot to tell you that just in case if you see your cat staring at you with her mouth open, that doesn’t mean she’s going to eat you up or she’s hungry, cats just have an extra organ that allows them to taste scents on the air, which is why your cat stares at you with her mouth open from time to time. Amazing, right? Let us know whether you will be getting a cat or not or IF you already have a cat, feel free to share your experiences down in the comments section.

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