30 Cats Who Aren’t Kitten Around on Snapchat

30 Cats Who Aren’t Kitten Around on Snapchat

  • By Saif
  • August 3, 2021
  • 6 minutes read

Cats are the most adorable creatures alive.

When you enter the home after a tiring day at work, who is the first one to greet you with their cute purrs? When you’re burning low out of stress, who is the one to relax you and look lovingly into your eyes? When you desire a loyal companion, who is there to help you out? Definitely your cat. Anyone who owns a cat knows the bond of unconditional love that exists between the animal and human even comparable to one’s offspring. That’s the kind of love cats give us.

Cats just fill our lives with love even without trying. They are the ones whose Fur-ever Love will make you want to hug, spoil and cherish them forever. Ask any cat person and they’ll tell you their cat is the cutest. After reading this article, you’ll get to know why we want these meowing, purring and scratching creatures to live in our homes. With their big forward-facing eyes, rounded ears, floppy limbs, unstable movements, softly rounded body shape and a large head as compared to the rest of the body we can’t help but admire their cuteness with all our heart.

Today, we’ve compiled some photographic proof of every tiny thing that cats do to make our hearts melt out of love for them and touches even the bottom sweet spot of our heart. Get ready as your smile will spread from ear to ear in no time as you go through these pictures.

1. Was Snapchat made for cats? Hell yes!

Via AngryatNothing / Imgur

The social media apps like Snapchat were made for creatures like cats, not humans and this picture is proof of that.

2. “And what did she say?”

Via Spikeyyy / Imgur

3. I’m shoeless now and I’m not complaining

Via SerStaven / Reddit

This adorable picture of a kitten sleeping in a shoe is melting our heart like ice cream under the sun.

4. It seems as if “meow” means something…

Via OrangeSpoon / Imgur

5. That’s a lot of stress

Via  OrangeSpoon / Imgur

The act of this kitty is hilarious AF! I mean just look at it lol.

6. Zero tolerance for a new family member

Via Justus_Is_Servd / Reddit

7. The lifestyle of this cat surpasses ours

Via jdeko / Reddit

The owner has spoiled his cat to the point where there is no coming back. And we’re not complaining!

8. It’s a setup!

Via Viscouse / Imgur

9. I’ll make this my new resting place

Via ep97 / Imgur

You can buy the most expensive bedding and toys for your cats but they’ll always amuse you by choosing random things as a source of comfort.

10. Because I feed her every time

Via  anlyin / Imgur

11. Meow-Go-Round!

Via WildMartenInTheGooseberries / Imgur

This funny picture is sending so many giggles our way.

12. It’s not about how, it’s about why?

Via DankDana / Imgur

13. Because why not choose the floor?

Via Applepieohmy / Imgur

As said before, you can set up the most pretty things for your cat to sleep on but they’ll choose something else time and again.

14. “Worn out places, worn out faces…”

Via keroppi75 / Imgur

15. “Wassup?”

Via Applepieohmy / Imgur

This kitty is all over the place and is so busted at the hands of the owner.

Cats are using you. It’s as simple as that. They are one of the biggest vices of online space and social media because they are some of the cutest little animals that you will ever see. They’ll trick you into giving them food and their favourite treats.

They’ll make you their slaves and command over you and that too without you realizing their plan. It’s hilarious and witty at the same time how cats use us for their own benefit and we don’t even complain because we’re so absorbed in their endearing self.

16. “What are you, buddy?”

Via Jortsu / Imgur

17. “We’re just playing Tom and Jerry!”

Via Viscouse / Imgur

Does this picture remind you of tom and jerry? Well it definitely does that for us.

18. Best pillow ever!

Via scurvybob / Imgur

19. Portal to a parallel universe maybe?

Via ChubbyElvis / Imgur

This jet black cat is curled up on the bed and is looking like a black hole portal through which we can travel to a different universe altogether. Crazy right?

20. Goldfish and kitty

Via  crazycatlady14 / Imgur

21. Serve me food hooman!

Via Resieh / Reddit

This cat definitely wants to punish his owner for neglecting his feed.

22. A driver needs a mate too

Via  JustOnesAndZeros / Reddit

23. Warning: not for the faint-hearted.

Via Aebecric / Reddit

It is said that a cat has 9 lives and it is a well-known fact among cat people. One such life is leaving the cat’s body in this picture LOL. What a description!

24. Grudge part 2

Via Applepieohmy / Imgur

25. When your cat is sexier than you.

Via Viscouse / Imgur

This is by far the hottest cat I’ve ever seen. Period.

26. I’m going on an adventure!

Via crazycatlady14 / Imgur

27. “Run. I’ll cover you.”

Via Shiron14 / Imgur

28. Aero-kitty!


This aero-kitty is sending all the windy vibes our way.

29. When there’s no need for a DNA test!

Via anlyin / Imgur

30. “I am the Lion Kitten!”

Via BunyipPouch / Reddit

In the end, we would like to say that as long as cats stay in our lives and let us spoil them with our love, there’s no problem in accepting that they are the boss of us. We will cherish them, love them and more than ever, treasure their presence. So this was a little depiction of the cat life on Snapchat. What was your favourite picture out of all? We would love to know which meme made you laugh your head off!

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