50 Adorable Pictures Of Cats And Dogs Sharing The Best Bond

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  • July 4, 2020
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There is an old saying which goes by “They fight like cats and dogs.” but, is this really true? Are cats and dogs really enemies and can never be friends?

Many people consider dogs as faithful, caring companions, and cats as loving yet moody little animals. These two animals are also the ones people prefer petting the most. And where dogs are known to be pack animals, enjoying the company of other around them, regardless of whether it is their family, other dogs and sometimes (well, most of the time) even cats. Cats, on the other hand, are more likely to be considered as loners due to their moody demeanor. It’s not as if they’d just stop spending time with others but given the choice, they would most probably prefer being by themselves instead of being in the crowd. Cats live by their own rules, and we know that very well. However, sometimes, they let their guards down to not just humans, but also other animals such as dogs.

So the real question is; can cat and dogs be friends or not? Well surprisingly the answer is yes. And we are not just saying it, we also have pictures to prove it. Scroll down below and you’ll know what we mean.

1. I Will Give You Shade In This Scorching Sun

The cone of shame bringing happiness in our lives. What a strange turn of events.

2.Your Ear Will Be My Shed

I love how you try to protect me buddy, my smile shows how happy I am to have a friend like you.

3. Who Said We Can’t Be Friends?

Heyyy! How come your hands are bigger than mine!

4. I Am Gonna Hug You With My Smol Arms, Mr. Doggo.

5. Friends Who Cuddle Together, Stay Together

What an amazing feeling it must be to have such cuddle buddies.

6. Hey, You Can Sleep On Me.

“Nothing like a warm, soft pillow to protect you from the hard ground!” – SmileyRie

7. I Have Space On Me, Come On, Hop On!!

Seems like the little kitten is having the time of its life.

8. Hey Little Buddy! I Meant It When I Said I Have Got Your Back!

9. Fist Bump Is Too Mainstream, We Should Try Head Bump!

These two cute fluffy friends, showing off their love for each other.

10. I Will Be Your Protective Shield!

I will wrap myself around you little cato, and I will protect you furrever.

11. Can I Rest My Head On Yours? It Feels Very Comfy.

“Oscar, I’ll take some of that brownie to go mate! I am sooo chilled right now. – Sure Tom, sure thing buddy.” – ShakibEbrahimi

12.The Cutest Trio!

13. I Will Be With You In Sickness And In Health

You don’t have to worry buddy. We’re in this together.

14. I Will Guard You When You’re Asleep

I will watch over you my furry friend, so no one can harm you.

15. I Know We Both Look Similar, Because We’re Best Friends!

Brother from another mother, in real life.

How cute are these pairs, are we right or are we right? We are sure you want to see more. Just keep swimin.. no scrolling for more cute friendships.

16. What Ya Looking At? That’s My Kitty!

“Touch my kitten? i chew yo face!” – LiGhaitza

17. I Will Be Your Safe Place!

18. Adorable Duo

19. Not Brothers By Blood, But By Heart! And… Also The Similar Fur

Yes, we know that our furs have the same shade of brown.

20. Ohh Come Here, You Squishy! I Will Pat You With My Head!

Seems like they both are very fond of each other.

21. You Are Little Heavy But You Can Sleep On Top Of Me.

22. Aren’t We Both The Most Beautiful Pair That You’ve Ever Seen?

23. We Love Watching Friends Together. It’s Our Favorite Show!

Hey, can you turn up the volume? I can’t hear what Rachel said.

24. Pinned Down

25. We Both Weren’t Friends At First…

But now, we are like best friends. We play, share food and watch TV together.

26. Can’t Believe Your Eyes? Well This Is True, We Sleep On One Another.

“Cat looks like it’s sleeping in the dog. I guess with true best friends, it’s hard to know when one ends & the other begins!” – SmileyRie

27.Yes Mr.Dogo, You Can Put Your Arms Around Me.

28. Best Sofa Ever

29. Puzzle Pieces

We complete each other.

Go on, scroll down. Maybe your favorite pair is yet to come.

30. You Smile, I Smile

31. Come On, Not The Baby Face. You Know This Melts My Heart.

“Oh husky can’t i say no for you.” – Gulali

32. This Cat Has Fully Accepted This Doggo As Her Own

33. Stop, It’s Our Secret. Don’t You Dare Tell Someone!

Shh, keep quiet buddy. I think I will have to shut your mouth myself.

34. I Will Love You Like My Own Children.

35. You Can’t Get Away From My Smooches.

I will run behind you and hold you until you let me cuddle with you.

36. I Really Like This Cat But Sometimes I Need My Own Time.

Dogo wants time to himself, but seems like the cat wouldn’t leave him alone. Look at how happy she looks.

37. Are You Telling Me That You Got Me A Kitten?

So now I have my own cat and my own human. Wow! This must be my luckiest day.

38. Who Says We Can’t Share Beds?

Well, see for yourself.

39. Gentle Kisses On The Forehead.

40. I’d Rather Watch You Sleep.

Totally in a non creepy way though …

41. This Kitty Knows The Right Spot.

42. Why Does He Have His Mouth Open While Sleeping?

“I luv the dreamy stare!” – silverstardust

43. You’re No Longer A Stray Cat, I Will Take You Home With Me.

44. We Are True Friends And We Are Together In Spirit.

45. Watch Out, We’re The Real Bad-Ass Cat-Dog Pair.

We work together, and we only deserve to be loved.

46. Smile For The Camera.

47. You Keep An Eye On The Right Side, And I Will Guard The Left Side.

48. Friends Who Slay Together, Stay Together.

49. Are You Cold? Wait Let Me Put A Blanket Over You.

50. You Are My Little Master, What Do You Want Me To Do?

“dog : What should i do master? kitten: chill out, and lets play fetch” – Li Ghaitza

Hope now you also agree that cats and dogs can be friends. My favorite pair was the grey husky and cat. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below. Thank you!!

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