50 Cats Who Found Catnip & Got So High That Cat.exe Stopped Functioning

  • By Malaika
  • June 29, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

These cats are probably regretting their decisions.

Now, I am well aware that cats usually love catnip but it’s just like alcohol. You want to drink it because it’s fun but then you regret it the morning after when you’re puking your guts out. With catnip, it’s a bit different. Cats just go haywire when they take a little too much.

And the following cats are definitely going haywire. Now to get into some science. You see catnip is closely related to mint but unlike mint, it has a chemical known as nepetalactone which only affects cats. They will become totally wild if they sniff and the opposite will happen if they lick it up. Let’s just say it’s not a fun experience for the humans who have to clean up the mess after.

Just scroll on below and take a look at what I’m talking about.

#1 ‘Am I even alive?’

Via socuteicouldfnpuke

Humans are hooogs .. I … OOOh this carpet tasted GOOOD. -Super Cat

#2 This kitty is all powered up.

Via janisjoplinsjewelry

“Reactor core breach imminent!” -Virgil Blue

#3 If I fits, I hang.

Via Brenana

#4 She needs an intervention.

Via organizedmadman

Our cat gets high on catnip, then sits on the couch and watches Family Guy for hours. I walked in on her like this.

#5 I’m sorry to say your cat is broken.

Via Sarax11

*Error* please reboot universe and restart your cat. -Virgil Blue

#6 Rolling in the catnip.

Via mumbling2myself

#7 ‘Please open.’

Via LoverOf_LittleMen

So I put some catnip in our food dehydrator and came to find this.

#8 The son is not happy his mother has resorted to pole-dancing.

Via Thomsa

Always makes me sad to see a mother stripping for money to pay for her son college tuition. -boredhuman

#9 The sun is raining down!

Via Wickerchair

#10 Mine!

Via boost_world

My precious! I must keep it from those filthtly Hobbitses! -Virgil Blue

#11 She is regretting taking the catnip.

Via LandManateeMcOtterPants

#12 ‘I can’t move, Hooman.’

Via KelseyKronmiller

Woke up to this disaster this morning and now the cat is high as shit. I ain’t even mad.

#13 Is this heaven?

Via WalrusAIDS

“Pink mice! Pink mice EVERYWHERE!” -Virgil Blue

#14 My tongue keeps sticking out, Help!

Via amandaajay

#15 I am seeing the universe.

Via Skyshadow541

Chewy found where the catnip was being grown. This is him sitting in the planter high as heck…

#16 When you find the secret stash.

Via JorahFan83

#17 This is the best day of my life.

Via raandomly

While we were out, my cat Wesley found the catnip bag, ripped it open, and this is what we returned to.

#18 Don’t you dare touch it!

Via braynzz

Here’s my cat refusing to let go of her catnip bottle.

#19 I am a plant.

Via godofnarcanandasa

#20 When you get high for the first time.

Via boleyn

#21 Is this what happiness is?


Cat tree came with catnip…he found the catnip first.

#22 More! More! More catnip!

Via thegreatwentphoto

#23 Why not both?

Via Mnphillips

My cat is either really happy…or really high on catnip.

#24 This isn’t shoplifting.

Via kmlkmljkl

#25 I think he is stuck.

Via sfcl33t

Drugs, gambling and strip tease…. Tsk tsk tsk…. -Daria B

#26 This party is lit!

Via RedBrickTiger

#27 They are enthralled.

Via MafHoney

All I did was shake the bag of catnip.

#28 I love you!

Via user862

#29 Where is the catnip?

Via tallproducer

Hooman, why you standing upside down? -BoredBirgit

#30 Am I even licking the catnip now?

Via CMCoolidge

“The rug I can taste it’s colours!” -Virgil Blue

#31 Thank you hooman.

Via sonderr

Got some free catnip. Woke up to find this.

#32 Green is my favorite color.

Via parkanimalhospital

#33 My legs aren’t working.

Via Solagratia500

#34 What is this thing?

Via Jocelyn Bassler

Hahaha this is one of my favourite. -jacluckycat

#35 What you looking at?

Via MichaelJFoxxy


#36 A tiny little nap is all I need.

Via invaderjess

#37 This is what happens to most humans as well.

Via sirrichardbottoms

#38 A lot of things are happening in his mind.

Via TheExtreme300

Connecting to mainframe computer, please stand by. -rai mei

#39 I regret nothing.

Via dishie

Aaaand this is why we keep the catnip in a jar now.

#40 Fresh catnip is the best.

Via Crazy_Daisy25

There was fresh catnip at the farmer’s market last week.

#41 Better hide the leftover catnip.

Via Chad_Chaddington

#42 Just don’t disturb him and you’ll be fine.

Via fitted

I come home every day from work to find my roommate sitting like this on the couch. High on catnip watching daytime television. He doesn’t contribute or say thank you for anything.

Not sure how to confront him.

#43 I don’t know who opened the catnip.

Via AtrophicSPIN

My sister looked over my shoulder while I was looking at this one and thought kitty was a potato. -Alia Gail

#44 I can see the stars!

Via dream_a_dirty_dream

#45 Just smell all that goodness.

Via baldheadslick

She just sticks her head in and breathes. Same bag of catnip for four years.

#46 The doggo is scared for his life.

Via JayTbo

#47 My mind is blown.

Via imgur

I mean like, what if we’re not the masters around here? What if in some weird way they own us? That’s crazy man.

#48 It wasn’t a mistake.

Via emzieees

We made the mistake of giving DJ Strawberry catnip..

#49 Some catnip is even in his eyes.

Via minisixx

#50 Noo! Don’t take it away from me.

Via aplombreads

My friend had to hide the catnip cigar due to level 10 freakout.

What did you think of these images of cats high on catnip? Are your cats this interested in catnip or do they not care at all? Comment down below and let us know.

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