10+ Rules You Have To Follow If You Have A Husky

10+ Rules You Have To Follow If You Have A Husky

It’s fun being a dog owner. There is no doubt about that. They keep you healthy, and happy. Especially on bad days, doggos tend to take away all the sadness and put the biggest smile on your face. That too, without even trying. They are the epitome of joy!

Now we all have preferences when it comes to which breeds we like. No matter what we say and how we try our best not to differentiate, some doggos just make us melt. Let’s talk about one of the most favorite breeds of all time; Huskies! These cute little wolf like creatures, well we shouldn’t exactly call them little, know exactly what to do to make us fall in love with them. Plus, who would ever be able to resist?! With their beautiful eyes and wolf like stature, and furriest of all the furrs. *SWOONS*

But here is the thing, if you own a husky, you’re probably not aware of it yet but you’re not the one whos the owner here. You are owned by your husky. They are the real owners. And they have a set of specific rules for their hoomans that we must follow at all times. Let’s look into it, shall we?

1. All your furniture is huskies.

Whatever you own, big or small, it is mine!

2. Do not put me in the water!

Especially if I am protesting!

3. Make this cone of shame disappear forever.

We do not need that in our lives.

4. I do not want to wear ‘clothes’

That is only for you hoomans. Do not dress me up!

5. Your shoes are my chew toys.

You must keep them in sight. Do not hide them from me. EVER.

6. I gets dibs on everything.

Whether it’s sitting on the front seat of the car, being the first one to eat something really delicious, deciding where to sleep… EVERYTHING.

Shocked?! Well, now you know huskies have rules that we should always follow. If we want them to love us, we should never disobey them. We all know a saying, ‘Rules are meant to be broken’, yeah it doesn’t apply here. And if you thought we’ve gone through all of them, NOPE! There are many more to go. Keep scrolling because the last one is the best one!

7. Squirrels are my friends,

and all other cute creatures are too. So make sure I get to meet my friends daily.

8. Once anything lands on the floor, be it food, toys, other objects,

It automatically belongs to me.

9. You need to get used to my howling.

I only do that to warn you.

10. I can sleep whenever I want,

Wherever I want. You cannot push me off that place.

11. Do not lock me in the house.

Let me out, or in, whenever I feel like it. You don’t get to have a say in it.

12. You better not smell like another dog.

Don’t even think of coming close to another dog.

13. All your food is mine.

Let me have a bite of it, or whole of it, whenever I come to you.

14. Never let me bath alone.

Hop in the shower and enjoy the water with me.

15. No matter what time of the day it is, feed me.

And it better be a good amount. Not just a little bit… I need A LOT.

16. Give me endless cuddles.

Never leave me alone.

17. Always keep loving me.

No matter what happens, just always stay by my side and let me be your companion.

Did we tell you these were hilarious? Well, if we didn’t, you know now. If you own a husky, you can now understand them better. If you already knew these, kudos to you. Because you have unlocked the code. If you didn’t know these, what are your thoughts about them now? Let us know in the comments section below!

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