Owner Shares Pictures Of Her Maine Coon Cat ‘Lotus’ That Show How Big They Are

We all love cats for many reasons. One of the main reasons, however, is that they are super cute and tiny!

Cats are known to be smol, adorable, flexible and what not! Very rarely do we get to see a cat that gets super huge. And when that happens, it’s very hard to control ourselves from going over to them and giving them lots of cuddles! I mean, who could ever resist, right? If you said no, let us change your mind now.

If you haven’t already come across this particular supercat, let us introduce you to Lotus. Lucky for us, this cats owner decided it would be a good idea to make an instagram account for this Maine Coon, and we couldn’t be more thankful for it. This cat owner doesn’t just share pictures of Lotus, but also her friends! But, it doesn’t even end here. It gets better! It’s very natural for cat owners to capture a million pictures of their cats but Lotus here, is mega photogenic and the owner has mad photography skills. Not only that! They go to amazing and aesthetically pleasing places to take all these pictures.

You might be thinking we are exaggerating. Fair enough. Let us just show you instead of saying anything else. Continue and see for yourself!

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In case you think Lotus i

Via Instagram

here is a comparison with Lotus’ hooman. We were not joking!

Lotus looks so majestic even while jumping!

Via Instagram

The friend, however, is not at all amused!

It’s literally the most fluffiest cat you’ll ever see!

Via Instagram

And super huge, might I add

Lotus, the snow, the blep

Via Instagram

What more could we possibly need?

Have you ever seen such a majestic looking cat?

Via Instagram

Nope, we already know you haven’t

Lotus even helps with the cooking

Via Instagram

It’s big enough to reach the counter as well!

This, right here, is beauty.

Via Instagram

Can’t! Can’t deal with the beauty. Wow!

Ending this with the best of all!

Via Instagram

HOW?! We can’t even take one picture of our let alone something like this?!

Okay, so I am guilty of stalking Lotus on instagram. Could not help myself. I just had to! Lotus is just too adorable not to do so. If you have the same views as I do, comment down below. And, share this with all your cat lover friends so they can see how majestically beautiful Lotus really is.

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