50 Uncanny Photos Of Cats That Look Like Other Things

  • By Saif
  • July 2, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

People often prefer cats instead of dogs. And there are obvious reasons for that. Who wouldn’t love cute little furry cats as their friend? Cats can be so charming and loving at times, they can also be mischievous, grumpy and aggressive. Cats are the absolute most loving animals on earth, so it can be upsetting when a cuddly feline out of the blue murmurs or smacks at you. But this cranky conduct in cats can be settled. Cats are comparatively low maintenance. Just give them yarn and they are ready to roll (or unroll, doesn’t matter cats are cute)!! Cats can be extremely photogenic. With their enormous, expressive eyes, cats can end up being quite hilarious in photographs.

We know how the internet gets crazy over cats and cat look-alikes. Talking about hilarious photographs, we have collected a bunch of pictures in which cats decided that why be a cat when we can be anything we want? Well, some of didn’t know that cats can be shape lifters. Pictures below will surely explain how cats are able to morph themselves!

1. Hello!! Can I help you with your dragon training?

It’s hard to distinguish between cat & dragon. Given that, I can say without a doubt that both are generously cute!

2. Batman or Catman? Guess we’ll never know.

Together we both can save the world!

3. Hitler said, “That’s my cat!”

Stop staring like that, you both look scary. I will just get myself out before you kill me with your looks!!!

4. Who has bigger eyes?

Maybe we can’t decide who has bigger eyes, but we are sure about who wins the moustache battle,

aren’t we?

5. I am not a chicken, you are!!

No, Sam, I might look like a chicken but you can’t roast me like a chicken and make a meal out of me.

6. Cato and Dobby need no master, they are strong and independent.

Can someone give dobby and cato a piece of clothing, specifically a sock?

7. A snowball or a walking/living piece of fur?

Poof! I would love a walking/living piece of fur in my house!

8. Are you ready to burst or confirm some myths?

Excuse me Sir Jamie, but I think you’re wearing my cap.

9. Moustache cat aka grumpy Brimley.

Brimley, being grumpy is my job. Not yours.

10. Cheeks on fleek

Angeline Jolie, which one are you?


Correct me if I am wrong but don’t they both deserve an Oscar?

12. Rug-dy cat

Hello, can you please move aside? I am a cat, not a rug.

13. Witty or wetty swamp monster?

Hey take me out of the water hooman, or I will scare you tonight.

14. Charlie Chaplin or Charlie Catlin?

Ohh, we both have the same moustache and hat. We can both make you laugh (also cry EHEHEHEHE)

15. My tail is better than yours.

Do you know what the sad part is Susan? You don’t have a tail. Also, I can see your ankles Susan:)

16. Hey missy, you don’t need no decoration.

I can be a bridge-cat. You don’t have to bring other crappy decoration cats, Hooman.

17. Can I be more evil?

I am gonna meow all night and not let you sleep.

18. Hey, come on we have important decisions to make.

We can save the world just by our looks.

19. I am sure the cat has a higher IQ.

So we can both stick our tongue out? But we all know who the smarter one is.

20. The inside-out cat and human.

Can you count the number of wrinkles on our skin?

21. Hey, Mr.Brodey I think we’ve met before.

One thing should be established by now, no one can win moustache competition from catos.

22. I have smoll legs hooman, can’t touch the floor.

We can both do yoga, I just happen to have smoll legs, but I can also do it.

23. I always knew I had a long lost twin sibling.

Painting cato please come out and give your sibling a fist bump.

24. You to have whiskers? *high five*

I think we have the same forefathers, Mr. Seal.

25. There is no good and evil-By Cato aka Lord Voldemort.

I believe that cato has a slightly better nose, no offence Lord Voldemort.

26. Who is the real gangsta?!?

Jabba has a really tough competition with Mr.Cato. But cato needs a power nap first.

27. Leave me alone hooman!

Today is my day to be an owl.

28. The uncanny resemblance will blow your mind!

Hey hooman, I can also suck up your blood. Come one, don’t be scared……

29. I can’t tell them apart, can you?

Wow, the eyebrows and expressions. Couldn’t be any cuter!

30. Gothic chick or gothic kit?

We can also be emo, you know.

31. The only thing missing is a cigar.

My expressions can send shivers down my spine.

32. Nicky Minaj who?

Hey Nicky, can stop copying my hair colour. Do something original.

33. Star Fruit or Grumpy Cat?

Cut this star fruit no one can take the thunder of grumpy cat!!

34. Cato be like “So you’re telling me I am not the only one who has two different colour eyes?”

35. I can seduce way better than Channing Tatum.

Well, I don’t have to say anything, the pictures say it all!

36. Cat-ba

Ohh wait, we look more similar when I see in your eyes.

37. Nicolas Cage or Cat Cage?

The resemblance is so unreal, I think they share the same father.

38. Toothless aka scare-less.

We both have beautiful black fur. Also Toothless can’t scare us like yami cato.

39. Excuse us, we are grumpy cat partners.

40. Edward Cat-len>Edward Cullen

We can be the same shade pale and we don’t like sunlight.

41. Neither of them has teeth. They can both be called toothless dra-cat.


42. Pass me the ball Gattuso!

They said I can be anything so I became a footballer.

43. Karate or Catty?

Come on hooman, fight me. I can kick you in the wrong places.

44. You can’t pet us!

Our expressions will explain how we feel when you pet us at times when we don’t want to be pet!!

45. I came in like a yawning-ball!!!

Cato can still yawn better than Miley. Sorry, not sorry Miley.

46. Are we nerd or are we nerd?

Woah, the glasses actually make them look alike. Are there other features that make them look alike?

47. Roars in cato language.

Hello sir, my unshaved head makes me look like a lion or maybe I am a leetul lion?

48. We can do the Gangnam style!

Hold my beer I want to show my moves.

49. Hey Sir Ferrell, I want to know if you can grow some whiskers, then we’ll definitely look like twins:)

50. Hey Warrior princess, come on hold my hand and we can conquer the world together.

Xena and Xeni, the warrior’s queen!

What did you think of it? Let us know which one was your favourite in the comments section below.

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