40 Cats That Brought Their Owners Most Unexpected Gifts

  • By Saif
  • July 13, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

Who doesn’t love gifts?

Pretty sure everyone does! But why do we gift anything to anybody? It’s a token of appreciation and love. Giving gifts are really common in humans but the level of excitement gets on a whole new level when your pet brings you a surprise gift. So, if you own a pet and especially if that pet is a cat, you are going to love it because they are going to shower you with the weirdest and cutest gifts you could ever get from anybody else.

Owning a cat is a big, big stress reliever. As soon as you come home tired and exhausted from the worries of the world, you’d have your small cute furry partner to cuddle up with and that is going to make you forget all your worries and problems for the moment. Cats are nothing less than a blessing. Yes, they are really moody and would like to consider themselves as “boss” of the house but who wouldn’t want to be bossed around by such adorable little species?

Coming back towards the gifts that you will be getting from your cats are going to blow you away and leave you astonished. Sometimes with happiness and sometimes with weirdness but either way, you are going to enjoy it!
Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the most random gifts cats gave to their owners. Are you ready to be surprised? Scroll down!

1. “This Is Mr. Slash – A Flower Hunting Adventure Master. He Brings Me Flowers Every Night. He’s Not Hurting The Garden, By The Way”


Mr. Slash is very romantic. -nanashi

2. “Cat Returns With Sausage Stolen From Unknown Neighbor’s Bbq”


3. “He Was Jealous Of His Brother’s Hunting Skills So He Ran Outside And Caught A Leaf For Me”

4. “Meet Henry. He Presents Me With This Toy Mouse Every Morning Claiming A Successful Nights Work”


“Day 32, human still believes my genius scam.” -nanashi

5. “My Sister’s Cat Brought In Another “Dead” Bird, Or So They Thought”


6. “Most Cats Bring Dead Animals To Their Loved Ones, But Not My Cat”

cat must think you have low standards -MagicalUnicorn

7. “Our Cat Won’t Stop Bringing Home Sponges”


hooman has to do the dishes seriously -rai mei

8. “Instead Of A Dead Bird Or Mouse, My Cat Decides To Bring Us Gifts Of Leaves. She’s Been Doing This For Years”


Are you vegetarians? Maybe she’s very clever and thoughtful ;D -Lara B

9. “My Wife And I Started Feeding A Stay Cat. He Likes To Bring Us Presents, Normally Its A Dead Mouse, Or A Chicken Bone, Etc. Today He Showed Up With This, No Idea Where He Got It”


he brings you this beautiful woman and you don’t know what to do with it? -boredhuman

10. “My Cat Found An Unattended Cracker And Brought It To Me So I Could Hold It For Her While She Eats It”


And you did it. Who is the pet? -Willie D’Kay

11. “Not Even A Year Old And My Giant Kitty Is Bringing Me Gifts”


12. “My Cat Keeps Bringing A Candy Cane To My Door. For F*cks Sake Ted Christmas Is Over, Let It Go”

winter is coming -BREAK YOUr perceptions

13. Look At What My Cat Brought Me This Morning


A squeaky toy! -Willie D’Kay

14. “My Cat Constantly Brings Me Lil Gifts And He’s Always Bringing Beatles But This Time It Was Two”


Beatles.. must be Lennon and McCartney -rai mei

15. “Our Black Cat Brings Us The Occasional Bird As A Present. Then There’s This Doof. (We Don’t Own A Badminton Set)”


it flies and it has feathers, sort of. close enough! – nanashi

16. “He Likes To Hunt Leaves”


17. “My Cat Brings Me Gifts, She Has Strange Taste For Gifts”


fortunately, her gifts seems like pretty useful items. your cat is very smart -nanashi

18. “My Cat Just Brought This Little Guy Home. I Guess I Have A New Pet”

chickendinosaurReminds me of a Tom and Jerry cartoon when Tom was going to make duckling soup. Keep an eye out for a little brown mouse next. -Willie D’Kay

19. “What Do You Mean You Don’t Like My Gift?”


20. “My Mighty Hunter Brought Me Her Trophy”


It must have been an epic battle. So how long has your cat be into D&D? -Willie D’Kay

These gifts certainly don’t really appear to be “gifts” but hey, those little babies are trying their best and you must appreciate them even if some of those gifts freak you out. There’s a lot more, keep scrolling!

21. “My Cat Brings Me Socks Whenever I Don’t Pay Attention To Her To Try To Win My Approval”


22. “Maggie’s Gift Giving Abilities Have Escalated From Toys To Kitchen Sponges And Door Stoppers And She Couldn’t Be More Proud”


23. “My Cat Often Brings Me Gifts In The Morning. Today Some Blue Yarn She Hunted Down In The Livingroom”


24. “Hummingbird, My Cat Brought It Upstairs. Alive And Well”


What a gentle cat! -Nancy E

25. “My Cat Brought Me The Gift Of Moth In A Color I’ve Never Seen In 38 Years”


26. “So My Cat Brings Me Trash Every Day But Today He Brought An Entire Burger”


“Can I haz cheeseburger?” -Willie D’Kay

27. “My Cat Keeps Stealing My Roommates Shit To Give To Me As Gifts… Today I Received A Sports Bra”


28. “Some Cats Bring Home Mice Or Birds, Ours Brings Home Sponges”


29. “My Cat Brought Me A Baby Bunny… Unharmed!”


Baby rabbits ARE called kittens. It’s practically family. -Willie D’Kay

30. “So My Cat Brought Us An Interesting Gift”


31. “He Keeps Trying To Bring His Presents Inside”


cat looks high due to literal ‘weeds’ -rai mei

32. “Well, Beast Brought Me A Gift Today And I Caught Her!”


The cat’s name is Beast?? If yes, that must have been the Enchanted Rose -rai mei

33. “My Cat Stole My Neighbors Lunch Off Of His Front Step And Brought It Back To Me As If It Were Wild Game”


If the cat repeats this daily, in a few months you’ll afford an iPhone X! -Cip IESAN

34. “So My Cat Brought Me A Potato This Morning”


35. “My Cat Likes To Look For Me Around The House Just To Bring Me Receipts”


Can your cat do my taxes? -Willie D’Kay

36. “Cat Brought Me A Present This Morning”


37. “My Cat Is Obsessed With Washing Up Sponges. She Proudly Brings It To My Bed Every Morning And I Have No Idea Why”


38. “This Is Yushi, My Boyfriends Cat. She Brought Me A Bottle Cap”


Yushi is adorably cross-eyed. -Willie D’Kay

39. “My Cat Brings His Toy To Me Every Night At 2am. I Don’t Think He Likes When I Bring The Toy To Him”


40. “This Morning At 5 Am My Cat Gave Me A Present Of Plastic Grocery Bags. It Didn’t Wake Me Up So He Must Have Thought That I Didn’t Approve. So, He Woke Me Up By Laying A Foil Sheet On My Pillow Next To My Face, Promptly Waking Me Up”


Did you notice the randomness of those gifts? If those gifts were given to you by your cat, would you have accepted them or would that freak you out? Like that snake, for instance. I would definitely run away instead of adoring the moment! Let us know which one was your favourite into the comments section below.

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