After Dinner Sweets In The Form Of Cat Tweets (18 Tweets)

  • By Admin
  • September 11, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

This year has been really unpleasant for all of us throughout the world but luckily, we still managed to get through the most of it in our own ways. Some of us got even more creative than ever, because of the lockdown and the boredom, of course. While the rest of us got even lazier than ever! Although, the pandemic still isn’t over yet but we have found ways to overcome our boredom.

You know exactly what this article is about which is why you decided to click it in the first place, but let us assure you, you are going to have the time of your lives. Perhaps you are at work looking for some laugh or maybe you are just about to have your food and decided to amuse yourself by these hilarious tweets about cats. Either way, we assure you that you are not going to be disappointed, at all. I mean, how can you ever be disappointed when it comes to cats!

So, we have scorched the internet for some hilarious, purrrrrfect tweets for you to enjoy. Are you ready for it? Let’s scroll down.

1. Well, it seems like it.

via @shems_99_

“So, what are we watching today, Jeff?”

2. Was it a bad idea? We hope not.

via @themaledaze

“Guys, come on, our hooman is about to tell us a boring story about his family.”

3. We can’t go out anyway due to the lockdown but our cats made sure that we don’t.

via @PebblesPuss2014

“Since you can’t go outside, why don’t you just rub my belly and entertain me, hooman?”

4. Damn, boomers are going to be offended but they surely can relate to it.

via @flossfurman

“I’m just trying to take a picture but these phones have gotten so advanced nowadays, it’s hard to find the buttons”

5. More like you love taking pictures of your cat?

via @zsayed_

“I. Am. The. Prettiest. Of. All.”

6. Or maybe your cat is a pervert?

via @JBKKendallMarie

“Yep, I’ve got to protect her”

7. I wouldn’t even doubt that.

via @CatsVsHumanity

People are too overrated, aren’t they?

8. Get yourself a husband who tucks your cats like this.

via @lj_lawless

“He cares more about us than his wife. Now we can sleep in peace”

Don’t you just love how these people are having the time of their lives even during the quarantine with their adorable cats? And it isn’t just adorable, it’s hilarious as well. Don’t worry, it isn’t over yet, there are still a lot more that we have in the store for you. So we suggest that you keep scrolling till the end.

9. This is adorable yet so heartwrenching…

via @jil_slander

“I am not crying, you are crying”

10. Damn, what did you do to their eyes?

via @joshshepperd

“We are tired of this stupid goddamn quarantine. He just doesn’t leave us alone, at all”

11. OMG, don’t they look adorable AF!?

via @TheSimpGodd

It fits perfectly at the dog though.

12. The cat doesn’t really seem happy about it.

via @LainyTeal

“Stop making me look weird, Karen”

13. And the character fits perfectly.

via @SokoToys

“What do I destroy now?”

14. The master is not happy. You may not sing anymore.

via @GrassrootsSpeak

We feel sorry for you but instead of being offended, you should take a hint maybe?

15. “Catsle” is more appropriate.

via @casserole_007

“Welcome to my kingdom, hooman. Kneel before me”

16. Effects of quarantine, we believe.

via @PeytonChester

“What is my life?”

17. Ah, all the cat owners can surely relate to it!

via @cats4choiceirl

“Do it already, what are you waiting for? You don’t need to work. This is your job”

18. But you are lucky to have a coworker like that!

via @dibinem

“I am just gonna chill while my hooman works his ass off”

Well, you must be jealous of all these cats chilling while we are still trying to work our asses off during the pandemic but one thing is for sure, our cats are certainly one of the biggest reasons due to which our quarantine has been made easier. So, let’s thank them with countless love and treats! Which one did you like the most? Let us know into the comments section below.

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