This Litter Of 5 Maine Coon Kittens Look Identical But With Grumpy Faces

This Litter Of 5 Maine Coon Kittens Look Identical But With Grumpy Faces

  • By Sara
  • 6 months ago
  • 3 minutes read

Who doesn’t love fluffy kittens?

With the exception of allergies, if you don’t like small, furry babies you must have a very dark soul. Seeing cute little fur babies can definitely brighten up your day. When you are around a kitten, just the sight of them can lift up your spirit and when you get to be around them, observing their shenanigans, you will forget all your stress and worries for a while. So, if you are capable of adopting a cat, you really should go for it because it will turn your life around.

One of our favourite breeds is Maine Coons. They are the largest domestic cats and when I say they are HUGE, I mean it. Maine Coon cats can reach up to 102 cm and you’ll see these majestic beings in a lot of colour combinations as they are found in up to 75 different colour combinations. This breed is very unique and they are a very pretty sight. Some believe that they originate from Norwegian Forest cats that were brought into America by the Vikings.

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Maine Coons are famous for their enormous size and their fur, but there is also another feature that we just can’t ignore.

They have a very unique, human-like face. If you look closely, their facial features do sometimes resemble those of humans.

A cattery named Catsvill County recently released photos of a litter of 5 grey Maine Coon kittens and people commented a lot on one thing; They all look like grumpy old grunts.

You can’t say that isn’t true. I mean, just look at them.

Surprisingly, all of them look identical too, which doesn’t really happen when it comes to kittens. However, grumpy or not, we can’t deny the fact that they are extremely cute and adorable. Maine Coons will always be one of our favourite breeds regardless of how they look. These natural hunters really need to be appreciated more often.

Don’t you think these kittens were extremely cute? Did they seem grumpy to you too? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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