These Cat Owners Just Realized How Mean Their Cats Actually Are (23 Pics)

  • By Hashir
  • July 25, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Dealing with a cat is not easy. They are not like dogs or any other pet. They are different and certainly difficult. Cats live in their own world where they burn down buildings and run over anything in their way with a truck or a bulldozer. You never know what goes on inside their little head. Whatever it is, we are sure that it’s very chaotic and unpredictable. They are adorable and know how to use their cuteness to get what they want. They are master tacticians and it’s quite hard to outsmart them.

The more we think we know our feline, the lesser we actually do. Every day they unveil a face we’ve never seen before. Sometimes, by fooling us into feeding them their favourite treat more than they should be fed. Other times by scratching us in the middle of perfectly good cuddle time. They’re full of surprises. There are many instances where people have shared their cat’s misdeeds but this Twitter thread turned out to be hysterical. People shared stories of their mean cats and they are surprised to know how such a big evil can reside in a body so small. Scroll down to witness the acts of pure evil by cats.

“You’ve earned it, hooman! Now, it’s payback time.”

Pets pass on the other world and leave behind memories that are stuck with us forever.

No matter what our little furballs do, they never cease to lose their spot in our hearts. Even long after they leave us to start their journey in another world, they leave behind a million memories which keep reminding us of them. Not to mention, the scars from the cute but deadly catfights that we bear on our bodies. The scars are like tattoos that we wear to always remember them in good words. As brave soldiers, kings, warriors and great survivors.

Cats are always the first priority and there is no other option.

Bea Arthur does what she wills.

Maybe, she just wanted attention since she had to call out to remind you of her presence. She was pissed.

Even the most competent vet couldn’t handle Rory the mean feline.

“Ain’t nobody messes with Jack! Mess with me, you suffer…”

Better follow the instructions or you get hurt.

“Let’s see who falls for my trap.”

This one probably took ninja lessons while no one was around.

“Listen up, hooman! I am your only child. That’s an imposter.”

Aww, don’t we all just love ice cream?

Don’t fall for that calm and sweet face. He’s a terrorist.

┬áThis is no ordinary cat, it’s a cat ninja.

Loving someone isn’t easy… It hurts.

“He looked like a threat to my kingdom.”

Meet Smokey, the bully.

This cat has a serious no-touch policy.

What a painful birthday present.

A devious little demon.

Coffee is a good boy gone bad.

“Hooman, just do as ordered or else be prepared for my wrath.”

He’s just not happy. It’s definitely vengence poop.

Oh, you think!? Well, you don’t know what I know…

Such mean yet adorable cats. Hope you enjoyed their deeds of mischief. Which one made you laugh the most? Let us know in the comments below. Share it with all the cat owners and cat lovers to see if they can relate.

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