These Curly Fur Cats Are Different From Your Usual Ones

Have you ever heard of or seen a cat with curly hair?

We all know about the common fluffy felines who are too adorable to handle but, there are some breeds that we have never ever heard of or even thought about its existence. When we think of cats, we usually think of fluff balls, furry four legged small things, right? But did you ever wonder if there are cats with curly hair? If you think that is impossible, boy, have we got news for you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to google! We’ve got you covered.

These cats with curly hair are called Selkirk Rex cats. This breed of cats is as distinctive as their names! They can be easily recognised by their astonishing curls. These cats originate from the Selkirk Mountains of Montana – hence the name, in an animal shelter, in 1987. These fluffy munchkins are also known as sheep cats and you’ll know why!

To introduce you to this amazing breed of cats, we’ve got Tony, Manny, Sosa, And Elvira from Switzerland. These aren’t just any normal cats, no ma’am! These adorable cats with magnificent curls are actually insta famous. With over 111k followers, these beautiful babies are melting everybody’s hearts. We won’t keep you waiting any longer! Take a look at these curl haired furry babies!

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1. This one’s a little bit shy

2. And this one’s just angry.

3. Aww! Sleepy cutie.

4. Umm… Looks like someone got tired halfway.

5. Why’d you wake me, hooman?

6. Did you just call me “cute”? NO! Look at my death stare. That look cute to you?


8. Excuse me? We’re a little cramped up in here…

9. I don’t see no cat. It’s just a fluffy carpet.

10. Too sleepy for this.

Considering how these cats made their first appearance in 1987, they are considered relatively new. The reason behind their beautiful but unusual fur is a natural mutation normally found in the blue tortoiseshell cat and a white cat.

What’s extremely interesting about the Selkirk Rex cat is that all the these cats trace their lineage to the first ever Selkirk Rex cat. This first Selkirk cat was known as Miss DePesto, named after the breeder, who was also Jeri Newman’s stepfather.

According to Pet Finder, DePesto carried “the dominant curly-coat gene, but also the recessive gene for long hair.” That was because both the mommy cat and daddy cat had at least one copy of the long haired gene which is why they produced long-haired offspring.

11. What a comfortable position to sleep in.

12. Why do you keep taking pictures of us, human?

13. Too small to open its eyes

14. Band photoshoot.

15. Dozing off…slowly

16. I thought I asked you to keep the camera down.

17. Can I get some more food, pees?

18. Oh, hello there!

19. Getting real annoyed of this.

20. I’m cute but I’m also scary.

The Selkirk Rex breed was accepted as the New Breed and Color class by the TICA’s board of directors in the year 1990. It was registered in the miscellaneous class by the CFA two years later. However, in the year 2000, they got the CFA championship status. They are now the most-loved and the most unique cat breed that has emerged in the recent decades.

Selkirk Rex cats are also born with straight hair, other than curly hair. By the time they reach adulthood, their waves start showing more and more and become more prominent. Their fur is also extremely soft to touch, be it short hair or long hair, which is why they are also called “teddy bears.”

21. I want to know how this human managed to make them look into the camera.

22. Why is your lap so comfy?

23. Just coming in for some kisses.

24. Anddd… again

25. Is it food time again?

26. Time to sleep!

27. I think my heart just melted.

28. Hello little bud!

29. Someone’s a little too serious.

30. And here’s a video of them just playing with each other.


How adorable were these beautiful cats? I think I have fallen in love with them! Would love to just hold them and give them lots of cuddles.

What do you think of their odd mutation? Have you ever seen one and would you like to keep them as a pet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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